The plant crane produced 500-boom crane with ovoid

  • KAMAZ-65115 (6x4)
  • KAMAZ-65115 (6×4)


In January 2013 the plant "crane" issued 500th crane boom ovoid profile — 25-ton "Ivanovec" KC-45717K-1R on KAMAZ-65115 (6×4). Serial production of mobile cranes with booms unique to Russia was launched in Ivanovo in March 2012

Leadership in technology — one of the components of the success of the plant "crane". To date, Ivanovo plant — the latest venture in Russia Crane, equipped with the latest equipment. "Crane" — the first and only Russian manufacturer of arrows ovoid shape. The new production of the most robotic and has a closed cycle from receipt of the metal to the finished arrows.

Ovoidnuyu boom profile has a number of distinctive features:

• ensures optimum distribution of static and dynamic stresses caused by the load on the boom;

• allows for increasing the strength of the boom without increasing its weight;

• ensures significantly greater local stability "compressed belts" boom;

• boom gives additional torsional rigidity and bending, allowing to reduce its mass.

Load Characteristics of cranes and arrows having ovoidnuyu profile geometry, much faster than in other cranes with arrows form. Arrows with ovoid profiles are equally effective when used on all types of mobile cranes.
Buyers have time to appreciate the advantages of the new "Ivanovets": the number of requests for cranes with ovoid arrows constantly growing.

For the record:
Of "Crane" — the leader of the Russian market for the production of mobile cranes with an annual turnover of over 220 million euros. The plant is among the five leading companies in terms of production of mobile cranes.

Of "crane" is the most modern and technologically advanced manufacturer of lifting equipment on the territory of Russia and CIS. Production of the plant used in the leading sectors of the economy in all regions of Russia, CIS, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia (in more than 70 countries).

Over the past 6 years, investment in the modernization of equipment, infrastructure, research and development of plant personnel, "crane" amounted to more than 40 million euros.

In 2012, the plant "Crane" has once again confirmed its flagship position in Russia and CIS countries, releasing the 12 months 1772 units truck crane equipment under the brand name "Ivanovec." It’s 284 cars more than in 2011

According to research company ID-Marketing (February 2013), in January-December 2012 of "crane" issued 38% of all manufactured cranes in Russia. For comparison of "Galich truck crane plant" — 22.1% of "Klintsovsky Automobile Plant" — 21.1%, OJSC "Chelyabinsk Mechanical Plant" — 10%, JSC "Gazprom-Kran" — 3.6%, other — 5.2%.

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