The plant dies and molds GAZ Group celebrated its 45th anniversary

The plant dies and molds came into operation in June 1967 in Nizhny Novgorod, as the basic enterprise for the production of equipment for the entire automotive industry of the USSR.

Currently The plant dies and molds Division "Automotive components" of "GAZ Group" — one of the leading Russian manufacturers of tooling.

Plant vypolnyakt full range of design, manufacture, service and repair of molds, stamping equipment and control devices of any complexity.

Now the company is actively developing its production output for the automotive industry, as well as developing new markets for themselves — for example, working with aircraft manufacturers. 

ZSHP Engineering Center, equipped with 30 workstations with the latest software, has extensive experience in the design of all types of equipment. The unique technological resources enable the plant in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality of manufacture snap weights from 5 kg to 50 tonnes. Production capacity is extremely flexible and there are more than 700 pieces of major equipment.

In 2011, the plant was put into operation a system of compression elastic medium QUINTUS FlexForm. In order to ensure the full cycle of production of prototypes and small batches of forged products, the company was created by a region including a five-axis laser cutting and coordinate measuring machine.

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