The plant DST-Ural sent to the North three bulldozers

Service Oil Company of Usinsk — the contractor of "Lukoil" — acquired from the plant "DST-Ural" three cars TM10.10B with hydrostatic transmission, the press service of the plant, "DST-Ural".

Bulldozers will work in the northern region of the Komi Republic, the most prone to "breathe" in the Arctic. The temperature during the winter it drops below 40 degrees, so by the customer bulldozers made in the northern version. In particular, the cabin is equipped with an auxiliary heater "Planar". In addition, the operator’s station and the body of the tractor frame strengthened further protecting them from falling objects. In the technical arsenal of mechanisms have also tracked rigid hitch.

Equipment operating organization has put the official dealer of the plant — the company "SIM-auto", which will take the warranty and service vehicles.

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