The plant ELSIB results from the first half of 2012

The plant "ELSIB" reported on more than a billion on revenue performance in the first half of 2012. 1 billion 233 million rubles. for the first six months, according to previous reports, enterprise — a record achievement of Novosibirsk "ELSIB."

The only manufacturer of turbine generators in the Urals and heavy motors almost entirely owned by the financial structures of the Russian government minister, billionaire Mikhail Abyzova. New young CEO of the NGO "ELSIB" Dmitry Bezmelnitsyn during the interview NGS.BIZNES told reporters that the reasons for the success of his team rooted in the rejection of the old psychology, lazy staff reductions and increased discipline.


On the territory of the Urals to the Far East "ELSIB" — the only company that produces heavy electric motors and generators for power plants and hydroelectric power plants.


The main consumers’ ELSIB "- Russian companies. Among the foreign customers — the states of the CIS, Eastern Europe and China.

"We have been supplying equipment to the oil pipeline ESPO-2, — says Dmitry Bezmelnitsyn. — There is half of our engines, half — Siemens …

Our car … smaller, lighter at three tons and, I think, not as much. " 

 According to Mr. Bezmelnitsyn, the average salary in the enterprise — 31,000 rubles. "We employ about 1,700 people and it is also the main operating 31,000 rubles.".

"Some (employees’ ELSIB" — KM) wrote (in the comments — KM), they pay 16 thousand, and it is probably true. They saw in it my fault, though here also write other workers who say they earn 40,000. "


"Yes, there are workers with high skills who have earnings above. I will not limit the ability to make money, if a person can work for four. "

"Due to the high salaries of people self-esteem grows, the returns, there is loyalty, devotion, in others, too, have an incentive to grow."

On Monday, the "ELSIB" was in full swing for shipment stators Kirov TPP. Huge design loads for onward dispatch to the customer.

"Almost every year a trigger event in Kazakhstan using our equipment. At the moment, produce hydroelectric generator for Ust-Kamenogorsk GES. Shipment of finished turbine for CHP Astana. "

New equipment in the shops of the plant seems to be more than the old one. Mr. Bezmelnitsyn explained that investments in production for five years exceeded $ 1 billion rubles.

"We buy and domestic and imported equipment. For example, insulating and stretch wrapping production of updated equipment, "Schumann". Mechanical equipment — South Korean. "

Example of domestic machines — Barnaul press. "Now we need drobometnaya camera. It is available in Italy, Slovakia, Germany, but we think the focus on the domestic version — Komsomolsk-on-Amur plant "Amurlitmash."

"The investment program for the past year — more than 200 million rubles. Similar figures for capital investments — continues to Dmitry. — Shareholders reinvest more money than ever before. "

Investoprogramma this year — again more than 200 million rubles. Competitive industry, and we are from the beginning of the 90s behind other players, so today we have to double speed to catch up, because competitors and the crisis is not frozen investments.


One solution, Mr. Bezmelnitsyn — water dress code at the factory. "I believe that the image of the enterprise workers, engineers or CEO in shorts and a t-shirt or causing clothes will only harm."

"Meet the same dress for success. And the need to look the part. Then it is easier to enter and contacts. Because people did not come here to walk in shorts and work. That there was a job, we need contracts. "

"If they apply for a job with one hand and with the other hand to stop me from indentured, then later with the one demand will be? I’ve had the same then they will be asked. "

The decision to reduce staff, Mr. Bezmelnitsyn called "necessary": "We took it because it was necessary: the number of employees was clearly excessive …

… Now I have the opportunity to devote part of the wage bill to motivate the best employees, those who are willing and able to work. "

"Before, it was impossible to achieve harmonious cooperation of all services. I had to work on a program of motivation, explaining that as a result of work should not be taken separately operations, and products sold and net income. "

"From 17 November 2011 until the end of the year we increased revenue of 1 billion 300 million to 2 billion 50 million rubles. The first quarter of this year has confirmed that this is no accident. The results for the half year showed that the system works. "

Inside the company, the employer’s image is improved by the competitive wage. "The engineers at the age of 30-35 years, heads of departments, the salary of 40-50 thousand rubles. At the leading experts and top designers — and more than 100 thousand rubles. ‘. "We have in the past year has been a large volume of orders contracted by 5 billion rubles., — Says Dmitry. — However, the direct revenue of the contracts does not work. " He is confident that earn this money can only knit team.

"Enterprise — people. I’m beneficial to the team was strong, but this team works, and I, roughly speaking, only account for, and therefore interest to the team was the strongest. " 



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