The plant for the production of strategic missiles started reconstruction

The Votkinsk plant (Udmurtia), which produces tactical and strategic missiles, already under reconstruction and construction of new production facilities, said Tuesday the Minister of Industry and Energy of Udmurtia Oleg Radzivonau.

According to him, the company launched a large-scale renovation, in which due to the two federal programs factory will receive 1.7 billion rubles.

"This is true in general maintenance of buildings and structures, repair, decoration, but also, and most importantly, the construction of new production," — said the Minister.

It is reported that this year the company began construction of a new thermal plant, which will be equipped with modern equipment, are available new electric furnace, a vacuum is created by the complex hardening products and equipment. Primarily planned to be in August 2012.

"All of this is aimed at ensuring that in the near future Votkinsk plant is several times increased productivity and significantly reduced the cost of production," — said Radzivonau.

Votkinsk plant serially produces tactical missiles "Iskander-M" strategic missile "Topol-M", is involved in the development work on the sea-based missile "Bulava".

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