The plant Henkel Rus, a new logistics center

April 4, at the "Henkel Rus" in Engels opened a new logistics center. New storage facilities inspected. At the plant in the city of Engels company "Henkel" consistently implementing investment projects, the purpose of which — phased modernization of production in terms of improving technology, increasing efficiency and improving working conditions. Over the past six years invested in the production of over 800 million.

As a result, the production capacity LLC "Henkel Rus" in Engels increased more than 3 times the volume of production increased by 38%. The increased volume of production required to create your own modern logistics center.

After the commissioning of the complex, equipped with state of the art warehouse equipment, will be around the clock to supply in most regions of Russia and 11 countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Mongolia. 

New storage facilities are equipped with the most modern warehouse appliances are using the latest technology in logistics, including energy-saving. Investment in the construction of the second warehouse was 152 million rubles. The total area of the warehouse is more than 10,000 square meters. m, of which 4.8 thousand square meters. m — in the second stage. The storage capacity of the complex logistics — 15,700 containers.

"Plant" Henkel "- the foremost, a fashion company for the Saratov region. It is exemplary in many ways — and the technology of production, and the level of wages. Its products are available in 11 countries in the world, and it speaks for itself. Plant is constantly evolving, continually invests.

Opening of the logistics center will improve the competitiveness and work for the future. It is very important that the company is committed to the profitability of the economy: and this improved the quality of life of Saratov, and additional taxes to the regional budget.

Today, the company in Engels — one of the most modern production facilities in Russia. Zvod constantly expanding production, implementing energy saving programs, implementing social programs. CEO said that earlier, before the opening of the complex logistics, the plant had to use a warehouse in Moscow. This affects the cost of production because of transportation costs, and at the time of delivery.

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