The plant IzhAuto released 50000th Lada Grant

Today, the company "IzhAuto" issued 50000th "Lada Grant." She already and the owner is. The man invited directly to the conveyor.

The machine has a number of wine-50000 — Complete "Standard", manual transmission and burgundy color. This had chosen Yuri Chigvintsev. Today is the anniversary car owner invited to the keys in the assembly shop. Test range driver reassured.

Yuri Chigvintsev: "The first vpechatelnie — both foreign car villages."

The reason for this comparison — the international quality standards, explain the factory workers and ensure reliable operation of the driver. 50000th "Grant" workers greeted with applause. And it is clear why. People remember how conveyors in the assembly shop froze, as were mass layoffs, and then, few believed that the plant will be reborn. Today, the company is the highest growth rate in the country of production.

Oleg Radzivonau, Minister of Industry and Energy of Udmurtia: "In 2012, the ninth year they are in 5th place in terms of output, according to the number on the 6th. The salary until the 15th, but the pace of wage growth — in the first place. "

In 2014, the plant will produce new models. Including international branded Japanese-French alliance. But while all the names kept secret.

Alexey Alekseev, General Director of "United Auto Group": "We already know, but I can not say. Because we have agreed with our partners to disclose this information. "

Today the plant most ambitious plans — in three years to release already half a million "grant". And leave on production of 300 thousand cars a year.

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