The plant Komatsu released the first 90 tons dumper

The regional industry day Yaroslavl region held a landmark event for the region — the presentation of the first large-sized dump truck HD785-7, set up in the industrial park "Novosyolki" at the factory of the company "Komatsu Manufacturing Rus’.

  Governor Sergei Vahrukov, said that along with "Komatsu" in the Yaroslavl region became possible revival of automobile production, which is absent for more than 50 years. "And now we see a car that picked up our talents. This is not just a car, but a huge range of modern technologies, able to bring to the world level in the Russian automotive industry.

Construction of the plant of the company "Komatsu Manufacturing Rus" in Yaroslavl Technopark "Novosyolki" ended in June of last year. On the production was the most modern equipment of a complete production cycle — from welding to assembly, and in September 2010, the plant has shipped the first batch of hydraulic excavators for the Russian market. A year later — in September of 2011 — began the creation of the first truck load capacity of 90 tons, to present on December 1. Today he was able to personally assess the level of the head of the region. — The cabin is very comfortable and convenient, — said Sergey Vahrukov, drive the HD785-7. — It feels like going in the cabin of the car. The main components for large vehicles "Komatsu" plans to supply from Japan. However, active work in the direction of localization will increase the percentage of parts made in Russia. Yaroslavl production of dump trucks HD785-7 will provide an opportunity to meet the domestic market demand for mining equipment, establish direct delivery within the country. Maximum capacity — 100 units a year. The first batch will go to customers in the Kemerovo region in the near future. — We are very happy that we chose the Yaroslavl region for the construction of our plant, — the chairman of the board of SIA "Komatsu CIS," Mr. Fujita. — A special joy to us is the fact that here we were able to find highly qualified professionals. This is, of course, is the guarantor of the quality of products. Now working on the production of 350 people. All of them have been trained in the training center "Komatsu" in Yaroslavl. The average salary in the company — more than 20 thousand.

Dump truck HD785 Specifications Engine Power — 895 kW (1200 hp) Displacement: 30.48 liters. Body volume (heaped): 60 m3 Capacity: 91 tons unladen weight of machine: 72 tons Gross Vehicle Weight: 166 tons Maximum speed — 65 km / h Turning circle: 10.1 m (very low value for this class of machines ). The cabin is equipped with security systems and ROPS FOPS. The presence of the automatic shutter speed control (ARSC). Automatic transmission with seven forward gears and two reverse gears. Features Specifications KMP: additional electric heaters with external power supply, electrically heated glass, centralized lubrication system, the pre-lubrication system, fog lights, hoses and seals, designed for arctic conditions, additional fuel system filters vodoseparatorom, great strength of the frame due to the wide use of cast parts. On line trucks carried an extra set of 14 people. Production plans: 3 cars a month (from January 2012). The main assembly area is organized on the principle of guards, zoned podsbora large units and the main assembly line. On the main assembly line is set unique high-lift hydraulic lift that allows for vertical movement of the assembled truck.

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