The plant Road vehicle has developed new models of rollers

The plant "Road vehicle" has developed 4 new models of self-propelled road rollers series DM-based Perkins 1100 Series engines.

Engine supplier of the Russian company "Hayted," a dealer Perkins Engines Ltd in Russia and CIS countries. The manufacturing plant has chosen three-cylinder turbo engines for models rinks DM07B and DM07AD weighing 7 tons. For Model DM13 weight of 13 tons needed a more powerful four-cylinder engine with a turbocharger and intercooler Perkins 1104S-44TA.

When choosing a motor for a new series of rollers plant designers were guided by the principles of high-reliability assemblies and fuel-efficient.

All four new products machinery plant designers ‘Road Machines’ preferred solution package IOPU (Industrial Open Power Unit), in which the engine is maximally adjusted to install and requires minimal design study.
Package includes mounted:
— Cooling system
— Air system,
— Oil and fuel systems,
— Turbocharger (if necessary)
— The electrical system with a generator, starter and wiring.
The plant for the production of special equipment can only mount the engine, fill with fluids and install the battery — the engine is ready to go.

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