The plant started production of electric plant power supply systems for the new air defense radar Niobium

Novosibirsk plant "electric plant" launched into production and will be delivered in 2013-2020’s power system for the new radar "Niobium"-Defense Forces of Russia.

55ZH6UM / OCD "Niobium" — in this ROC in 2010, worked on the upgraded radar tri standby "Sky-Y" / "Sky-SVU" AFAR meter / UHF with the transfer to new components. In 2010, under the ROC "Niobium" the first stage of the manufacture of the prototype and started its production in full. In 2010, a prototype of the product took place OTC NNIIRT and customer acceptance. Creating a prototype completed in 2011

Standby station is designed to detect, measure the coordinates and tracking of air targets of different classes — aircraft, cruise missiles and guided missiles, including small size, hypersonic, ballistic and subtle using the technology of stealth.

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