The plant started up ZIO-Podolsk 4 high-heat oven

At an engineering plant "ZIO-Podolsk" (Included in the Engineering Division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash) in pilot production started up four modernized high-heat gas oven.
Upgrading the furnace gas equipment held under a grant of the Government of the Russian Federation to establish through energy-saving heat treatment technology critical parts of nuclear energy on the basis of energy-efficient equipment.
The complex of the measures will significantly improve the quality of heat treatment products. Including: strictly maintain a given temperature, reduce fuel consumption up to 30% or more, to ensure maximum automation of the process, which makes the guaranteed high quality product processing and eliminates the loss of a marriage when the heat treatment.


In particular, re-equipped thermal furnace model HM-402 is designed for tempering, annealing, normalizing devices, welded joints and components for nuclear power plants and the petrochemical industry. Width of the oven 4 meters, height — 2.5 meters in length — 13 meters. The maximum temperature in the furnace — 1150 degrees C.
Installed a new automated control system, which enables the strictest observance of the heat treatment of products, compliance with speed, time and temperature parameters.
As a result of the reconstruction of the thermal oven on characteristics allows the processing, fully meeting the requirements of international standards and the requirements of modern production equipment for the nuclear industry and the petrochemical industry in Russia.
"Such furnace gas equipment no longer in any engineering company in Russia, — says General Manager of the group of companies" ZIO-Podolsk "and" ZIOMAR "Igor Kotov. — The equipment is designed by specialists of the National Department of Science and Technology University "MISA" especially on the instructions of our company. "
The next and final stage of the renovation program of high-precision furnace equipment will be scheduling. All furnaces, upgraded Grant (only 4 units) will be given to the control tower.

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