The plant Titans has completed production of equipment for gas pipeline Bovanenko-Ukhta


At the production capacity of the plant JSC "Titan", which is a subsidiary of the holding company "Titan-2", completed the manufacture of equipment for gas export pipeline "Bovanenko — Ukhta." In total, the works following the order of "REP Holding" produced four sound-absorbing cover gas turbine station.

The first two shelters were made in the winter of this year, work on the remaining two shelters lasted more than six months. Shelters are designed to reduce the noise running turbine installation. They are fully vacuum and are designed to work in harsh climatic conditions — at ambient temperatures down to -50 ° C and +70 C inside °.

The equipment consists of two parts — a housing and a turbine housing auxiliary devices. Weight of complex spatial steel assembly is about 22 tons.

Manufacturing of such equipment for gas turbine stations conducted by the JSC "Titans" for the first time. Earlier, similar structures were ordered in Slovakia. It is planned that the cooperation between JSC "REP Holding" and holding "Titan-2" will be continued.


Holding "Titan-2" — the largest in the Northwest Russian group of companies, is building the most important objects of the nuclear industry and energy, carrying out a full cycle of construction and installation works — from engineering to commissioning of the facility. The holding of more than 20 organizations and about 4,500 people with more than 40 years of experience in the construction of unique and highly complex objects. The main engineering business unit is the holding company JSC "CONCERN TITAN-2".

Since 2003 "Titan", which is part of the holding "TITAN-2", is engaged in manufacturing for the needs of the nuclear industry and other sectors of industry and energy building and technological steel structures, equipment, parts and components of industrial pipelines of steel, stainless steel and aluminum etc.

"Bovanenko — Ukhta" — a Russian main export pipeline, which is part of the project for the construction of the Yamal-Europe pipeline, which is to connect the gas fields of north-west Siberia with end users in Western Europe. The new gas transmission system in the long term will ensure the supply of gas from the Yamal in the amount of more than 300 billion cubic meters a year. Its length will be about 12-15 thousand kilometers. The project is implemented by OJSC "Gazprom" in 2008.

Commissioning of the gas pipeline system "Bovanenko — Ukhta" is scheduled for the third quarter of 2012. Bovanenkovo-Ukhta was among the 48 industrial projects Komi authorities have identified as the basis for the economic development of the region over the next 12 years.

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