The plant Tver Excavator opened a new production of backhoe loaders

On the Tver excavator factory was opened a new joint venture corporation "Russian Machines" and the American company "Terex» — RM-TEREX. The new assembly plant will produce backhoe loaders TLB 815-RM — high-tech, advanced machines for construction, repair and other works.

The idea of a co-production of the holding "Russian Machines", which includes the plant "Tver Excavator" and the American company "Terex" was born 4 years ago. Plans were made, created business projects, the results were counted. Despite the financial and economic crisis, in May 2011, during the visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the Tver region and, in particular, Tver Excavator Plant, an agreement was signed between the holding company "Russian Machines" and the company "Terex" (U.S. ) on the establishment of joint production. After a year in Russia created four such joint ventures: in Tver, Bryansk, Chelyabinsk and Nizhny Novgorod.

May 22 at the Tver excavator factory was officially opened one of the joint Russian-American companies — RM-TEREX. Leaders of the American company "Terex" and the Russian holding company "Russian Machines" cut the symbolic red ribbon, thus marking the opening of a new stage production and the development of mechanical engineering in the region.


American partners to plant "Tver Excavator" met Russian folk songs and bread and salt. Then moved to a new facility inspection RM-TEREX. As the head of the project in Tver, Yuri Makeev, after the restructuring of the Tver Excavator Plant vacate the premises, the shop repaired, there is an area of 3918 square meters and place the new joint venture. Yuri Makeev had a small tour of the new production. The plant consists of two bays: one of the components are on the other — is assembled trucks.

New equipment for the assembly of backhoe loaders is already in the shop and ready to be a daily, productive work. Each machine will be 8 zones collection before it becomes a backhoe loader TLB 815-RM, meeting all the requirements of the market and the needs of the buyer, that combines global developments in the field of engineering.


Guests of the grand opening today saw this car that will soon be placed on the conveyor. Already in 2012, such Backhoe TLB 815-RM 200 units will be produced. By 2014, the co-production of RM-TEREX plans to reach full capacity — to make 1,500 cars a year.
Backhoe Loader TLB 815-RM — Universal wheel drive vehicle that is perfectly cope with the tasks at any construction site. The optimum dimensions of the machine allow you to maneuver in urban environments. The developers have taken care of the safety and comfort of the operator of a new labor backhoe loader. The spacious cabin with panoramic windows provide excellent operator visibility to 360gradusov, powerful fan provides good air circulation in the cabin. Catches of the stele and the rotation of excavating equipment are controlled from inside the cab. 
Large rear wheel reduces the pressure on the surface and improve adhesion. The hydraulic system provides high accuracy and smooth control. This machine weighs about 7600 kg. Great options, robust aggregate composition and reasonable prices will be the main advantage of the new backhoe loaders on the market.

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