The plant Ural Locomotives issued 200th locomotive series 2ES6 SINARA

LLC "Ural Locomotives" (Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region). Transferred JSC "Russian Railways" mainline freight locomotive with commutator motors 2ES6 series "SINARA» № 200. Jubilee locomotive went to the West-Siberian railway.

Presentation of the first sample 2ES6 electric locomotive series was held December 1, 2006. Since that time, the company was set up modern high-tech production facility, which includes more than 480 pieces of equipment from leading manufacturers and two inline mechanized assembly line. A great deal of work to improve the quality of consumer electric "SINARA" improving the design and manufacturing technology.

For example, in contrast to the electric locomotive number 001 to "dvuhsotke" established by the fourth generation of the converter’s own needs, integrated whole new set of security devices BLOCK, upgraded interior cabin and engine room. Significantly changed the design of traction engines and algorithms for their protection, thus improving the reliability of an electric locomotive. Introduced new manufacturing techniques body frame and side walls of the body. Hundreds of optimized processes. Centers were opened warranty and service locomotives for Sverdlovsk, South Urals and West Siberian railways. The number of company personnel increased almost four-fold.

"If in 2007 the plant produced only one locomotive" SINARA ", the plan for 2012 is 90 machines of this series — the general director of" Ural Locomotives "Alexander Sultan. — The last three years we increase the volume of production by 1.5-2 times. On the high rate of increase production eloquent and such a fact. The path to the hundredth of an electric locomotive 2ES6 was 4.5 years, and to release the second hundred locomotives company took a little less than one and a half years. "

Symbolically, the issue was held on the eve of the anniversary of electric 175th anniversary of Russian Railways, said Alexander Sultan as a project to produce a new generation of electric locomotives in the Urals, initiated at the time Sinara Group, was able to realize in many ways thanks to the support of JSC "Russian Railways".

Recall locomotive "SINARA" and today is one of the best examples of Russian locomotives. It is applied to 80% of innovative solutions, not previously used in domestic engineering. According to the specifications it is superior to electric VL11 series by an average of 30%.

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