The plant Volkswagen Group Rus in Kaluga issued 500,000 cars in Russia

The plant "Volkswagen Group Rus" in Kaluga has released five hundred thousandth car in a row. The anniversary car for Kaluga production became white Volkswagen Polo sedan in picking Highline.

Pyatisottysyachny car, released in the official colors of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi will be given physical training and sports center "Leader" — municipal budget institution, one of the aims of which is physical rehabilitation and social integration of people with disabilities. Car keys invited to present Ambassador Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, the Russian bobsledder and permanent ambassador, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles — Governor Alexei.

Special Olympic style, which made the car is designed to inspire athletes to new developments and records. "Volkswagen Group Rus’ as a general partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014, also supports other sports initiatives — in particular, the company is a partner of the football club of the city of Kaluga.  

"Production of half a million vehicles in Russia — is not only pleasurable for the" Volkswagen Group Rus "event, but also an important indicator of economic success and social interaction concern with Russia. Since the launch of the full production cycle of the plant in Kaluga was just three years: during this time, we have increased production capacity, and is now more than half the cars that the company sells in Russia, made in Russia ", — says Marcus Ozegovich, general Director of "Volkswagen Group Rus." — "We are deeply appreciate the support of the administration of the Kaluga region, so happy anniversary to pass Polo sedan for sporting initiatives of the city."  

"Half a million cars over five years — a great result for the local production in Russia. This success is due, in particular, and the employees of our factory, which now has about 6,000 people. In addition, at the Kaluga plant "Volkswagen Group Rus" has a special responsibility — the implementation of plans and objectives relating to the conclusion of an agreement on industrial assembly. We are confident that the next car-hero of the day is not long to wait — said Dr. Josef Baumert, director of the plant, "Volkswagen Group Rus" in Kaluga.

Volkswagen Polo sedan — one of the most popular city cars in the Russian market. Since 2010, the model produced at the company’s plant in Kaluga on the full cycle technology, including stamping, welding, paint manufacturing and assembly. The production is in full compliance with international quality standards concern Volkswagen. Consistently high buying interest due to the fact that Volkswagen Polo sedan has been specifically designed for the Russian market, adapted to poor roads and cold climates, and offers customers a wide selection of complete sets and options.

The plant "Volkswagen Group Rus" in Kaluga since 2007 and produces cars of SKODA (SKODA Octavia and SKODA Fabia) and Volkswagen (Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Polo sedan). In the Kaluga region began designing Volkswagen Group Rus plant for the production of gasoline engines with advanced technology. It is expected that the company will release the first engines in 2015.

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