The point of view of hamster-antikorruptsionera

Here I thought that if targeted to absorb only the most-most negative abundantly vyssyvaemy every criticism of the authorities (and they themselves are out there and tear that neillyuzorno delivers in terms of assessing their mental component), it can turn into a classic hamster Bulk or someone else thread there.

And then any infopovod work very back wall of the brain, and even skull.
At the output will be about the "analysis" of information.

Text messages
Comment enlightened hamster

So there you go.

In the Kirov region opened a farm with 400 heads
August 11 "Agri Sredneivkino" in Verhoshizhemskom district of the Kirov region has opened a new breeding complex for 400 head of cattle.
This year, the number of cows on the farm will be increased to 1200, the expected yield — up to 7.4 thousand kg (average yield in the region — 5.1 thousand kg).
Oh, the only real fighter against corruption kicked out of the Kirov region, as soon as joyfully screaming about the alleged successes. It is better to be told how many barns plundered many sold for nothing, and how much was it real with / x productions before the era of "stability," Putin!

The third batch of Mi-35M helicopters for the Air Force of Azerbaijan

Russia supplied Azerbaijan third party of 4 multi-purpose helicopters Mi-35M made "Rostvertol" (holding "Helicopters of Russia"). Thus, Azerbaijan has received a half order from Russian helicopters.
The first batch of 4 cars were shipped to the customer on December 12 last year, the second similar batch — April 6. Under the contract, concluded by JSC "Rosoboronexport" in September 2010, in Azerbaijan plans to supply 24 Mi-35M.
A Soviet-era weapons except in the countries of the third world, our defense industry in general anything else able to produce? The Mi-35M (which is actually the Mi-24, producing since 1971 — that’s pruflink: D0% 9C% D0% B8-24) For 20 years it is time to scrap. However, the Azeris will go. Who are they fighting for?

OAO "UES FGC" has commissioned a 220 kV substation Buzhora in Krasnodar region
The solemn ceremony of commissioning of the 220 kV Buzhora held on August 12 in the village of Buzhor Anapa district of Krasnodar region. Capacity of the new substation 250 MVA. The work carried out under the investment program of OAO "UES FGC". The amount of investment was not more than 2.4 billion rubles.
Construction of 220 kV Buzhora was due to the intense growth of energy consumption in the Krasnodar region, especially in the central and south-western regions. Enter new power contributes to solving the problems of energy shortage and creates conditions for development of resorts in the cities of Anapa and Gelendzhik.
Well, obviously, the Sochi can be any dough cut it. It would be better to provide energy to the localities where it is still frozen and coal stoked! (Pruflink:

All-Russian competition "Orange Ball"
August 11 in 75 regions of the Russian Federation, the All-Russia mass competitions in streetball "Orange Ball". They were attended by more than 100,000 people.
Gygygy! On more than popularizing Niger sports, our sportfunktsioneram apparently lacks imagination. A coolie confused as prosirat in basketball and prosirat. In London, in the semifinals of the Spanish some fucking merged (that pruflink: It would be better Youth revived, ushlepka-thieves!

Forest district of Voronezh region received new equipment
In order to update and staffing of fire extinguishing agents from the regional budget allocated funds for the purchase of five MTZ-82 tractors with plows PKL-70, three small forest patrol complexes and three off-road vehicles for forest protection.
Ahhh! Well, yes, I remember constantly report back on how to master budgets. A timber as burning, so fucking and burn. So where is this new technology? Yes worth it, because the generals MOE only pockets are stuffed, they do not care for the forest. Do you think that lying? Yes shown on NTV! Here pruflink — 

In Chechnya, has opened a new poultry farm
New poultry farm opened in the Chechen Republic. Hatchery and poultry farm "Priterechnoe" opened in Znamenskoye. In the Czech Republic Ministry of Agriculture noted that this major investment project launched at the initiative of departments and should give positive results poultry development in the country.
Well, if the Chechens will engage chickens as well as his time ramzanchik promised engaged in automobile industry, I will not worry about the Chechen broilers. Kick the bucket mimimishnymi yellow chick. Because there the gopota can only "take your feet" in the parking lot of the European.

Northern Fleet sailors worked successfully hidden maneuvers off the coast of the U.S.
Edition of The Washington Free Beacon reported the discovery off the coast of the United States in the Gulf of Mexico Russian nuclear submarine of project «Akula». The submarine, according to the publication, which refers to unnamed sources in the U.S. government agencies, conducted in the Gulf for about a month and was found at a time when she left the area.
Quite zavralsya KREMLYADI. Now, it turns out, the heroic submarine that no one saw any there maneuvers month commit. And, of course, no one Pruflink the web. Gee-gee. You putinkrab, first do so that you are not of the Kursk sank!

In preparing the tape used materials
Homyachatiny used in the generation of the most stupid statements hamsters Navalny and other bortsunov corruption.

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