The poles started castling


The poles started castling

05.12.03, the



Scientists report that the Earth's magnetic field lately unexplained things. Some experts believe that these phenomena may indicate that the magnetic field of the planet is going to change the polarity.

According to current views on today, the cause of the magnetic field is the movement of the molten iron core of the Earth.

In practice, the theoretical magnetic poles of the Earth is not quite the same as its real magnetic poles. The latter are defined as the point at which the compass needle in a vertical position. One of them is in the Canadian Archipelago, the opposite — in Antarctica.

It is their behavior in recent years has attracted attention of scientists.

In addition to "drift" of the magnetic poles, scientists note another important phenomenon: the planet's magnetic field is weakening, losing strength, at least 5% per century. Some experts believe that this may also be a symptom of the beginning of "polarity" — when the magnetic field gradually slabnet, and after a while again increasing, but even with the "reversal" of the poles.




























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