The political and social future of the world geometry (Resalat, Iran)

The political and social future of the world geometry ("Resalat", Iran)At a meeting with representatives of the Institute's favorite Iranian spiritual circles, developing the idea of the beginning of a fundamental change in the structure of the emerging world, noted that the geometry of the political and social world at the moment is changed in favor of Islam, the West is fruitless to generate new ideas of the world's population, and the Islamic Republic in political, administrative, moral, cultural, social and economic qualities can tell people all over the world a new word which necessarily would find in their response.

Latest phenomenon and the concept of management by countries and the world is a "good governance", which was put forward after the theories about the brand-new world order.

Its main strategic installations are accountability, transparency, partnership, equality, the fight with the fall of the characters, the effectiveness and influence. These settings are applicable posodeystvuyut countries achieve economic development, but they required the cooperation tantamount power, civilian society and the private sector.

The power is understood as the unity of its 3 branches (legislative, executive and judicial), civilian society should include public institutions and universities, the party and the media, and the private sector — professional field.

In other words, the "good management"Aims to comprehensively, with the introduction of all the political potential and real and human resources to achieve the desired economic goals and to provide the public well-being, stability and tranquility.

Understanding of the world of the "good governance" is materialistic because it can not achieve its goals and strategic installations and is flawed, like other Western concepts.

Modern world ever experiencing global crises and disasters in a variety of political, social, cultural, economic and environmental fields. Examples include war and military threats, terrorism, drug trafficking, poverty, social inequality between the rich and the poor, drought, global warming and 10's other difficulties. They have become an integral part of our lives and every day or more troubled people.

A quick glance at the current actions in Europe, America, Africa, Middle East, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Bahrain can imagine for themselves the crisis, manifested in the imposition of illegal claims of injustice, permissiveness and the ineffectiveness of foreign policy efforts of Western governments in calling for a "good management. "

Strategy and slogans of "good governance" is very presentable, but because their implementation is in line with civilian law or belief in human inferiority, they never fail to materialize in the real sense.

Man with reliance on the brain and the experience will never be able to reveal many furtive existence and relationship between actual events, in particular — between humane attitudes and actions to control them and use for their own purposes.

"Good management"As the latter phenomenon and the concept of power in the world has its roots in Western philosophy, from Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli and Hobbes and Rousseau finishing, Hegel and Fukuyama. It is specifically related to the Renaissance and the theory of separation of politics from religion, which instead of God's laws established by civilians.

Although Western philosophy and wondered to save a man from the church, in fact, turned out even worse.

The merits of the liberal-democratic regimes in the fields of science, technology and the economy, although noteworthy, but could not provide internal spiritual needs of society as well as human standards and values have always remained on the sidelines. And if certain services were on one side of the scale, then increase the weight of the war and other atrocities, poverty, moral degradation, discrimination, international, regional and domestic crises.

History will never forget the first and second world wars, cool war and bipolar world, wars of liberation against the oppression of the peoples of an old and new colonialism and domination by powerful states.

Because the "good management"With all its lovely slogans and strategies of self-defeating, since it holds the boundary between civilian and divine law, does not recognize the spirituality and looks at the man only through the prism of materiality.

Management model, which lies in the structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran, may be the best substitute for the concept of "good governance." Model, taken from the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran, puts his own to the implementation of the "higher man." "Good management"Based on the beliefs of Islam is based on a religious worldview, in which communication between the relevant events and is determined by God's laws. Civilians are consistent with God's laws are valuable and respected. In this model hold sacred principles such as monotheism, poslannicheskaya mission of the prophets, the existence of the afterlife, justice and the Imamate, because they can be considered the essence of "good governance in Islamic model."

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