The port city of Nakhodka (night photos)

Author of the report — Anton Balashov (LJ barnas)

Evening and night Nakhodka
2. The bypass road

3. SWC

4. Str. Michurin and ul.Pogranichnaya

5. Area "Swamp"

6. p.Kozmino, "Transneft"

7. Nakhodka Bay, South district

8. Nakhodka Bay

9. Area "Velvet"

10. The central road skirts the Nakhodka Bay


12. Swan hill


14. Cape Rotary


16. North District

17. Monument "Grieving Mother". Memorial was erected in 1979 in memory of fishermen trawler "Boksitogorsk", wrecked in the Bering Sea, and all the sailors who did not return to his hometown.

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