The possibility of missile troops and artillery Army continues to rise

Currently, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to create a set of military units of missile troops and artillery (PB and A), strategic, operational and tactical units. In the operations of cross-species groups of troops (forces), their share of the destruction by fire reaches 70% of total applications, thanks to their all-weather and vsesutochnosti capable of hitting enemy targets point and selective application.
PB and A phased transition to a qualitatively new state, which allows to use rocket and artillery formation in the loop reconnaissance-and-burn to a qualitatively new principles — the "intelligence-kick maneuver," "shot-destroying targets," "intelligence-fire attack, protivoognevoy maneuver . "

The possibility of widespread use of precision weapons allows you to go to the guaranteed defeat of the most important goals before joining the combined arms battle groups. The use of automated control systems reduces management cycle 5 times, increases the completeness and timeliness of the information about the enemy 4 times, reduces the consumption of ammunition increases the damage done to the enemy in 2.5.

On equipping the Army Russia has firepower, with leading positions in the world. Thus, the maximum deviation of operational-tactical missile complex "Iskander-M" does not exceed 15 m Work on the creation of missiles with multiple warheads, equipped with all-weather seekers.

Among the multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), the highest capacity to defeat the enemy has modernized MLRS "Tornado-C". The existing scientific and technical experience allows us to solve the problem of creating a new generation of missile systems with a range of over 200 km.

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