The prediction of impending disaster



The prediction of impending disaster
01.12.03, the


course will begin with the famous quatrains of Nostradamus. I'll give it another translation, which gives the book by Stephen Polasa "Nostradamus 1999":

"(1) Centuria 10, Quatrain 72
Year one thousand nine hundred and ninety ninth, the seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
Reviving the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign happily

This is the last of the specifically dated prophecies of Nostradamus. Some of his predictions have come true with the specified dates, while others were completely wrong .. 5 of specifically dated quatrains fulfilled only 1.5 (one fully come true and the other half just came true!). Now we know that, fortunately, and this quatrain has not come true.


More aboutthe bottom of the famous prediction by ancient Babylonian priest — Beruzu, who lived in the 3rd century BC

I Beruz, Belussy interpreter, saying that all that I have inherited the Earth, will be consigned to flame when the five planets unite under the sign of Cancer and will be located in one row, so that they will be in a straight line. And when they line up in the same way under the sign of Capricorn, we will be in danger of the Flood. "

The most recent time the parade of planets (visible inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere) ended in mid May of 2002. As we see, carried by. Last parade of planets could be seen without special equipment in 1940. According to astronomers, the next time a similar phenomenon will be observed only in 2040.

Parades planets traditionally cause rebound astrologers. Predictors like prophesy any disruption or even the next end of the world. So Parade of planets, which was observed in 1954 BC, so frightened the rulers of the Chinese empire, they zeroed your calendar and began to count again.


Andrey Sapelkin picked up a large series of prophecies clairvoyants different countries and peoples.

"Seer Ariim Vogt wrote in 1950: "I was standing on the beach and suddenly saw a huge wave of water approaching the shore. I was like away from the globe. Looking down, I saw the terrible glare. I saw many fall to the ground particles. The next vision I have seen on Earth. War, chaos … Another time, I saw from a distance a burning Earth. This vision grew and grew. I thought, what do you do? And he found no answer. At this time, the Earth approaching a bright object, and something told me it was a comet, and the particles are falling to the ground — a particle of a comet. "


Clairvoyant Jane Dixon (Advisor Theodore Roosevelt) said: "In the 1990s, the comet will fall to Earth. She falls into the ocean and start and earthquakes, and tsunamis. The waves of the sea will flood large areas of land. This will be the biggest disaster of the twentieth century. "

The list of predictions Jane Dixon is quite impressive. Among other things, she predicted:

Winston Churchill — the defeat in the elections after the war;
Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower — the presidency;
Richard Nixon — a victory in the elections and the presidency in 1949;
Mohadansu Gandhi — the exact date when he would be killed;
Jawaharlal Nehru — the name of the person who will inherit after him as prime minister.
Marilyn Monroe's suicide;
the assassination of John and Robert Kennedy;
assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.;
married Jacqueline Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis;
Revolution in China, and much, much more.

After Stalin's death, Jane Dixon addressed the American ambassador in Moscow to predict the political future of the Soviet Union. And Jane Dixon described his appearance of each of the leaders, in sequence one after another — Malenkov, Bulganin, Khrushchev.

Of course, not all predictions come true Jane Dixon. However, according to Dr. Rayzenman from Arlington, Virginia, 80% of the prophecies come true.


Swiss Edward Meyer,
fallen into a trance December 31, 1976 and saw the future of the Earth, said the disaster: "You will see a meteor or comet. It will fall into the sea and strongly heat the air. This will happen in a year divisible by three, the sum of digits is also divisible by three. " He suggests that the comet will fall in the South Atlantic.


But the vision of an American Veronica Luken: "There come the last days of our era. Fall to the ground fireball, similar to the sun. Everyone can see it in the sky for two weeks. Then came three days of darkness. Before that, an explosion on the sun, and the sky turns pink … In Asia and Africa will be war. People are in a panic. Those who still remain alive, will run through the streets like crazy. Smoke and dust close all. And a voice telling me: three days … three days … three days … "


Some discordant sounds vision Italian Orfeo Angelucci, serving the airport, in 1953, "the world will face some kind of a comet, which at first will be visible from the ground as a point of light. Then comes the catastrophe. " However, in another case, he saw the prevention of the disaster — the comet managed to destroy nuclear missiles.


The original version of the causes of global catastrophe gives today Siberian soothsayer Vissarion.
According to him, in the first years of the XXI century (but not at the end of the XX century!) Will samovzryvanie nuclear ammunition for the U.S. nuclear test site in Nevada. Blast wave, destroying the North American continent by two-thirds to reach Europe and western Russia, where there will be terrible earthquake and the resulting fractures in the earth's crust will absorb many of the city and even the country. "



E. Casey pointed to a series of disasters that occur within sixty years up to 2000, especially in the period from 1958 to 1998 Thus, in one of the sessions in 1934, he predicted many of the changes in the world, "Europe will change beyond recognition . Both polar regions are laid bare and will shift the earth's axis. Shifts in the Arctic and Antarctica will lead to the eruption of volcanoes in the tropical areas of the world. Greenland will disappear under water. U.S. East Coast will be destroyed. cold climate of Europe and the UK will change rain. earth tremble from earthquakes and eruptions volcanoes. " These disasters, according to him, are associated with a shift of Earth's axis, the change of world ages, a new cycle of the planet.

Here is the chain of the alleged events:

  • 1. A sign in the sky.

  • 2. Scary eclipse, which will last three days.

  • 3. Approach and a comet to Earth.

  • 4. The revolution in Russia.

  • 5. A terrible turmoil throughout the world.

  • 6. III-rd World War.

  • 7. Combining all the Slavs under the auspices of Russia.

  • 8. The flowering Russia,

  • 9. First Sunday after the Apocalypse.

  • 10. The coming of the Saints, the preaching of the Gospel in the New world.

  • 11. The heyday of Siberia and the construction of the New Jerusalem in the Altai.

  • 12. Eighth Ecumenical Council. Resurrection of St. Seraphim of Sarov.

  • 13. The appearance on the world stage Antichrist. The meaning of his coming is an explosion of the planet and the destruction of mankind.

  • 14. The axis of rotation of the planet.

  • 15. Coming of Kalki Avatar, which establish justice throughout the world.

  • 16. The transition from the third to the fourth dimension.

  • 17. The possible destruction of the planet.

  • 18. Resurrection and the Last Judgment.

  • 19. The rise of a new continent in the Pacific Ocean.

In the 30 years of the E. Casey said that he was taken aboard a flying ship. Casey was shown the future of Earth. As the God of XXI century, he looked at the events of the late XX century, and saw, "San Francisco and Los Angeles are in ruins, Japan, Northern Europe appeared in the chaos of ruins." When Casey asked, "Is all this going to be?" — Home airship explained to him that this is the result of a giant natural disaster — motions of tectonic plates.

As for the "end of the world", the E. Casey says: On Earth "doomsday" will not be complete destruction of all countries not affected row. Remain almost stung extensive continental plate. Folk who dwell in it will survive in the majority situation, "end of the world," and they get a fortune to stand at the origins of a new civilization on our planet. "According to Casey this continental plate — Russia. Remembering EP Bkavatske., The stand also Australia and New Zealand.


Richard Noone, on the basis of their own interpretation of the structure of the pyramid of Cheops, has put forward the theory that the "doomsday" is scheduled for May 5, 2000. He suggested that each segment corresponds to the year of the Great Pyramid in the structure of the pyramid is encrypted most significant events of 6000 years of human history (not fortune-telling than the entrails). I will not dwell on this version, as it is based on the calendar ended May 5, 2002. On this day there was a parade of planets. Five planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn lined up behind the Sun and the Earth and moon were on the opposite side. Noone was expecting that this event will cause I Beruz, Belussy interpreter, saying that all that I have inherited the Earth, will be consigned to flame when the five planets unite under the sign of Cancer and will be located in one row, so that they will be in a straight line. And when they line up in the same way under the sign of Capricorn, we will be in danger of the Flood. "


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