The present work for the creative class in Europe


The history of the 25th letnegno ispanatsa, who received two bachelor's degrees, and one — the Master, but has not been able to find a sensible operation, which became famous by Facebook.

"My name is Benjamin Serra. I got two degrees with honors and now I brush my shit in a foreign country. No, I'm kidding. I do this in order to pay for the room you rented a flat in London.

I work at a popular coffee shop chain in the UK since May. And after five months of work, today I first saw him clean. I really do cleaning toilets. "I can start a new career with his two formations and going to clean shit in a foreign country." Of course, I do not only toilets, I'm doing there and coffee, and wipe tables and wash the dishes.

And I'm not ashamed of it. Cleaning — a worthy pastime. What bothers me most is the fact that I had no chance to do the same in Spain. And here in London, a lot of the Spaniards, such as myself. "You — the plague," I say. And make no mistake it is. Young people come here not for language learning, for the sake of adventure or gain new experiences. We — immigrants!

I've always been very proud of, I will not deny that. Those who have known me for a long time, will confirm. And I have to smile pereborchivoy some customers who look over his shoulder at the "barista" as I called here. There is also a certain unpresentable that really want to show my diplomas and degrees in the face, that really makes no sense. It seems that all these titles are only good to clean the toilets in the cafeteria. Sorry.

I thought I deserved better after so much effort in my academic career. Apparently, I was wrong. "


The guy has two bachelor's degrees: in Journalism, as well as in Advertising and Public Relations, received a prestigious private CEU Cardenal Herrera University.

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