The presentation of the prototype of the car-based platform for the transport of containers and contrailers

At the Riga station in Moscow held a presentation of an experienced car-based platform for the transport of containers and contrailers created «Ruzkhimmash» (Mordovia).

Piggy technology — transportation by rail car with cargo. The greatest potential for the organization piggyback make the most downloaded motor areas where the higher the rate of passage of border crossings and the delivery of goods by rail is a significant factor in reducing logistics costs.

In the European Union piggyback grow faster pace and make up 30% of all rail freight traffic. The main shipping lines to focus on a few corridors, where more than 300 terminals in 29 countries. In Europe, use either container or piggyback platform. In contrast to the experience of foreign manufacturers, in Russia created a universal platform on which you can load and container, contrailers, reducing the risk of non-retroactivity of the car boot. 

No less important is the environmental factor. At 1 ton-km emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from heavy trucks is almost 4 times higher than at the railway road. In addition, when assessing the prospects of development of piggyback special place in road safety, as well as the associated social and economic costs. 

During the preparatory actions in 2011 JSC "Russian Railways", a series of experimental piggyback rides with empty trailers and commercial cargo on Finnish platforms on the route Helsinki — St. Petersburg — Moscow. According to the test results the company has gained practical operational experience of rolling stock, worked out the appropriate instructions, specifications, mounting trailers, the parameters of the "rolling stock — the terminals."

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