The presentation of the second sample, the Mi-38, the exhibition HeliRussia 2011

Mi-38 — medium-range multi-purpose helicopter turbine engines. The Mi-38 has been designed primarily to replace its fleet of Mi-8 and Mi-17. Initially the machine was designed for the certification and sale on the international market, so the Mi-38 has a lot of advanced features, such as the glass cockpit (English glass cockpit) for the two pilots, electronic control system and extensive use of composite materials, including the carrier and The tail rotor.

The original power plant consists of two turboshaft engines Klimov TV-7-117V power to the shaft 1753 kW (2350 hp), but can be installed any suitable western engines. Developed many variants of Mi-38, including a military auxiliary and special, a passenger on a 32 passenger, cargo specialist with the rope tow, and sanitary option for aerial surveillance.

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