The Presidential Library opened an exhibition to the 380th anniversary of Yakutia in the Russian

In St. Petersburg today, 28 November, at the Presidential Library, the exhibition "Russian-Yakutia, from age to age", dedicated to 380th anniversary of Yakutia in the Russian state and the 90th anniversary of the statehood of the Republic of Sakha.


As described in the library, the exhibition has been prepared in conjunction with the National Library of the Republic of Sakha and presented archival documents, unique books that reflect the political, socio-economic and spiritual development of the peoples of Yakutia in the Russian state. Special attention, as noted in the library, given the emergence of statehood of the Republic of Yakutsk and the main concerns of contemporary life in the region.

For example, visitors will be able to get acquainted with the heroic pages that include the participation of Yakutia designed soldiers in the Battle of Leningrad during World War II, the participation of scientists of St. Petersburg in the development of the region. Also in the exhibition reflects the outcome of the expeditions of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the discovery of diamond deposits, the stages of development of a modern edge.

In addition, the exhibition will see rare cartographic artifacts from the collection of the Presidential Library. One of them — the reprint was published in 1699 by the famous cartographer XVII-XVIII century SU Talkers. "The map shows a drawing of the Siberian lands and cities that existed at the time of its creation," — told in the press service of the library. Another exhibit — the original card "Ion Mathiae Hasii. Imperii Russici et Tatariae Universae" in 1739, which is already listed in Yakutia part of the Russian Empire.

According to the press service of the library, visit the exhibition "Russian-Yakutia, from age to age" in the Presidential Library will be until mid-January 2013.



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