The priest who adopts a child 253

Remember the documentary "Outpost" about the monastery’s orphanage in Banchenah (at the Ukrainian-Romanian border)? The film tells the story of a father of Longinus (Heat) 200 adoptive children. Ever since the movie was released in rent has been almost 5 years and in that time a lot has happened Banchenah — Father Longinus has adopted 53 children, of which 46 HIV-of infection. The monastery is built Trinity Cathedral and a separate house for the disabled (100 people).  

— Father … in a monastery in western Ukraine has adopted 253 baby.

-How much, how much? — I ask again his companion.

Two hundred and fifty-three? — He repeats separately.? — And he built for them at home, founded two monasteries and build a shelter for the disabled. And if it ever did, no one asks for it.

At this point, my brain finally "zasboil." Or is it true, or should know about it all. Or this: too good to be true. And sorry if this is not true. Method one — to know and see for yourself.

Bancha — where is it?

I was ahead of the Patriarch. Another 2 October this year, His Holiness during his visit to Chernivtsi region was in the house at the Holy Ascension Monastery in the village of Bunche.

"Comrade Ribbentrop, come here RUBANOV equally" — say it with the words in August 1939, Vyacheslav Molotov proposed to his German counterpart straighten the Soviet border, the envelope of the projection of the Polish and Romanian territories. He does not mind. This is how in the Chernivtsi region is very unusual Gertsaevsky area where the majority of the population — the Romanians. In those places, and stands the village Bunch, and the Holy Ascension Monastery near him. "This is a very unique part of our country and the Church? — Says the vicar of the Diocese of Chernivtsi, Bishop Meletius Khotinsk.? — Local live their way of life, in the Romanian tradition. In the villages there are still people who do not understand the Ukrainian language, although the district for 70 years, is located in Ukraine. In the churches formally commit to the new style of worship and Romanian. This is for the special blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Alexy I. The fact that the Romanian Church — new calendarist, so when Gertsaevsky district has become the canonical territory of the Moscow Patriarchate, to prevent the possibility of a split, for the parishes retained the right to serve, as they used to. But in Banchenskom monastery, probably the largest non-Slavic monastery in the Russian Church, too, are in Romanian, but still in the old style. "

Supervises the monastery, Archimandrite Longinus. The one who has two hundred and fifty children are named pope. It is true that improbable fiction.

The monastery in the wasteland

— Our story began only 17 years ago? — Says the father Amphilochius, monk of the monastery. He said on Russian-Ukrainian-Romanian mixture of languages. Local talk with visitors so close to everything. Each other — as anyone who is convenient to speak and understand. This kind of you a little Babylon.? — When Father Longinus came here with the first four monks, there was a vacant lot. But the local priest knew and loved — he vows to serve the neighborhood, in the temple of the village Bojana. Therefore, when the construction of the monastery were a lot of helpers. Who lived in the surrounding villages, came on the scene, working. Who away, every possible help: and brick and beams, and products, and money.

Now the monastery has seven churches, a refectory, a fraternal body, bell tower, a fountain, an aviary with peacocks, stables for ponies …

-So we are children, and therefore a pony? — Amphilochius father, an experienced tour guide anticipating my question.? — First shelter was in the monastery. First children’s father took Longin still dupe, and they moved together with him, we can say to the construction site. When children become more than the monks began to think about the construction of a separate building for them. Found a comfortable place four kilometers from the monastery in the village of Molnitsa. And dupe at that time formed the basis of the arrival of women’s monastic community. The sisters began to take care of children. So it happened that now Banchenah — Monastery (it is now — 86 monks), a dupe — Female (in it — 120 nuns), and in Molnitse — an orphanage. Father Longinus — the spiritual father of both monasteries and adoptive father of all the kids in the orphanage.

"Usih ditey loves it!"

Longinus — is the monastic name. In fact, his name is Michael. Mikhail heat. He only 46 years old, 20 of them brings up orphans.

-Whose idea of a shelter? Yours? -God,? — Says so, that you believe. Faith because, in principle, does not require any proof. And does it matter who first decided to collect useless children, feed them, nurse, heal, teach literacy and faith

The story of the first children in the monastery has become a local legend. The father of Longinus (then Father Michael) to dupe had cows. In the early 90? X time was hungry. And he began to donate to a local house of baby milk. Nurses decided to show gratitude to my father, who is this milk. The conditions in which the children were shocked father Michael. He grabbed an armful of two kids and took them with him. Thus began the "family-type children’s home" is now officially called the convent orphanage, and the father of three children born in wedlock, the father of five. Then his father Michael fathered another 27. And then in his passport ran out of pages to record the children. These 224 children, he took custody. He collected them all over the field. Go out for — be sure to bring.

Once I read the burial service, the young woman? — Says the father Longinus.? — It was winter. I look after a funeral service at the grave were four boys. All gone, and they are quite frozen, in rubber boots without socks and go nowhere. Frost on the street 20 degrees. And the smallest of them was still a little woman. I ask: "What do not you go home?" And they tell me: "We will not go without a mother. We have nowhere to go. " My father was gone from them, and my mother’s dead. "Your mom is now in heaven? — I say.? — Will you come to see me live?". Nod. So I brought them to the monastery.

Once the gates have thrown a baby girl in a box of bananas.

-Mother gave birth to her on New Year, tossed in a box and brought to us. How she lay there in the cold, do not know? — Says Father Longinus with a soft, lilting Romanian accent.? — I picked it up, it was so cold as a stone. Quite cold. We soon took her to the hospital. All the doctors said that there is no chance. But with God’s help, the girl was saved. Doctors themselves have given her the name Lucky. And we call her Katya.

Styopka father met in a boarding school for children with disabilities. Armless boy jumped ahead and read his father Longin own poems. Then he tagged along with my mother for a priest, and when he was about to leave, step pressed his face against his cassock and asked: "Take me, please, out of here!" My father cried and hugged steppes and took with him. Here, in a children’s home, the boy began to read the book. Lots of books. Now he likes to argue. Mother Elizabeth affectionately calls him
"a philosopher."

And his friend Romku — "musician" because he played on a synthesizer, which was put — especially — next to his bed. This boy is hard to move around. He — cerebral palsy.

But the atmosphere here is this: no one unhappy or does not feel unnecessary.

What else have children? Just to love you the way you are.

-We first thought: Well, take away 50. Then — 100. Then we decided — and 150 kids will be able to see out, but … They’ll poor, so suffered more for his short life, that no strength in me: to know how to hurt them, and do not take to yourself! And when there were already 200, thought — well, that’s it! But what about "all"? .. Now I say, probably 300 would be.

It’s Father Longinus is making plans for the future. His and his children, the future too.

— Yakbi could hug all the orphans on the ground, I’d Zroby Tse,? — When he was very excited, words in Russian and Ukrainian he gets mixed up.? — They are weak. They need to love. Usіh dіtey likes to have. A CIM slit th dopomogti, vizhili dwellers. I can not live without them! Pong — moє medicine. Not Bulo b їh Zi me, nothing on earth b was then living.

For some reason he is not afraid to adopt children with cerebral palsy. Strange, is not it? Then he began to collect those for whom even the doctors had given up his hand, saying that no tenants. Yes, I’m about AIDS.

When AIDS recedes

Such today at the shelter 49 people (six of them have now removed the diagnosis). The father collected them in children’s homes from all over Ukraine. "Due to the" special contingent priest statistics "pediatric AIDS" in many regions of Ukraine fell, and in Chernivtsi — has increased. The same statistics, numbers, commas. What he and all of us to her business, right?

At the orphanage children receive the necessary treatment, there for them — a separate medical staff, high-calorie diet. On the basis of the shelter, a regional AIDS center that collaborates with the Foundation "Anti-AIDS" Elena Franchuk. Father, by the way, is collaborating with the huge number of people. Not only in Ukraine. For example, someone who has visited any orphanage in Ukraine, here at the shelter something seems strange to kids clothes. And new clothes, not faded in size. After all, usually in children’s homes children are so-called "charity care," that is, "second hand". And here my father signed a contract with the Turkish company for the supply of clothing for children. New and size! How were the children in the orphanage with a terrible diagnosis?

Very simple. The house baby’s father Longin saw a beautiful girl. From her mother refused because the daughter was HIV-positive. Nurses also shied away from it. In a patriarchal society, the western Ukrainian word "AIDS" and "death" — somewhere nearby.

-When I saw her, I was really hurt? — Says the priest.? — It is so sad to look at me, and I was afraid to touch her not to bring their children to the infection.

I think that night Longin’s father did not sleep, thinking that a two-month baby girl. In the morning, asked the brothers in the monastery, so they furnished the room as best you can, put it well-dressed bed, because there will be live baby girl.

Little Larissa — that was her name — was baptized, now it Filateya. Here in the orphanage, the girl underwent a course of antiretroviral therapy. The doctors were very surprised to see her recent analyzes: traces of HIV in the blood is not. Filateya now lives with the rest of the guys went to the fifth grade.

How is it done?

Father Longinus in Banchenah idolize. It gives people hope. Live as human beings. And not only because it educates children.

Well, imagine God knows where there was a monastery, and then — rather, almost simultaneously — children’s playground, and the village that are near, began to gasify. The gas "branch" to the shelter threw across the river Prut. At the same time, and went to the village.

-I know that you do not ask for help. Basically,? — I say father Michael.? — But how is it that you and the kids all have?

-I think it was the Lord himself to lay down on the heart with very note hto Hoca zrobiti good. Duzhe bogato people Ukraїnі kind … Who next to us.

He remembers how one day in the kitchen over oil. And there is no money to buy, but it is necessary to prepare for so many souls! At a time on nothing but salads (about 15-20 kilograms of vegetables) — "prіrva olії" spent.

Suddenly, a man of some local businessmen: "I want to — he says — to help your children with their own olіynitsya mene, suleyu you prinіs, berіt. It’s from the heart. "

The priest blessed him and kissed him. Then in his joy he almost brought the oil tank.

Father does not say that the first brick in the foundation of one of the bell towers of the monastery laid in 2004? M then Prime Minister Yanukovych. Then another came and brought goodies for children and a home theater. And President Yushchenko awarded him the Order. Ordenonosnogo priest solve problems more easily. The gas in the shelter reached out with the help of Yuri Boiko and Ihor Bakay. Knockin ‘so high, too, need to be able to.

The nuns told that "one slit zhіnka, buyout pomogti dіtyam hotіla, a cow brought, and the other — uves share, two acres, vіddala."

On these acres for the children’s village nuns grow potatoes.

In the grounds of the monastery, by the way, what is there not: the fields, orchards, vegetable gardens, farm, flower greenhouses. Their products monastery and orphanage lacks in abundance. Surplus carried about in the surrounding social institutions free of charge. Children work on farms in the monastery, like adults.

What is the result?

The three-storey building, bright windows, marble staircases, lifts and equipped for those children who find it difficult to move independently. This is a family-type orphanage. Each house — different colors. Pink, yellow, blue …

Inside paved with carpet flooring. No carpet, but real soft carpet.

The walls are hung with paintings: nature, religious themes.

Everywhere — fish tanks. The birds are singing. Lots of greenery. And around the buildings — an incredible number of colors.

Children live for four to six people in the room. For each room attached sister. Of all children involved in the shelter 104 people, of which 65 — nuns, and the rest — paid employees: nurses, cooks, educators. Himself a shelter like a gingerbread town.

Building facades, windows, porches — all decorated with flowers. On lawns — figures of fairy tale characters. In the back yard — a playground and a stadium. One day, the younger children were asked Dad — Father Longinus — rollers. The father bought the children rollers. Everything. More than 200 pairs. But it turned out to roller skate in the village of nowhere. Then the monks came to the aid of Bunche and paved asphalt in the backyard shelter. Now there you can ride on the bike and rollerblading and walking with a baby ca

-Is the monastic thing — to entertain children?

The monastic way, and the family — very different? — Longin father agrees.? — And we have a shelter is separate from the monastery. But I look at her and see the monks in their hearts a lot of good. They know when kids birthdays, buy them gifts, even request a visit to congratulate him. And I do not think it’s bad. The heavens rejoice when someone brought joy orphan. The monk did not depart from his monastic life, but he should also give others good. It is not a sin. You know, when the children were living in a monastery, happened such that people come to the office, ask where the father Longinus? And my children play soccer. Can you imagine what it’s probably a temptation for people! Rector — and football instead of the service. What to do? "Daddy, let’s play football" — how can refuse? I think God will forgive me this sin, if it is — sin. No mercy no one will be saved. Nobody.

What will happen?

Senior pupil, "donyu" four years ago, the first was married to a good guy, by the way, from the neighboring village. The table is set, the guests invited — perhaps with a thousand arrived. Or more. The whole area was walking.

A year later — again Wedding: another daughter gave out. Then another …

And how many more weddings to be where the "Tato Michael" will sit in pride of place, as befits a father, and proud "svoїmi dіtmi"!

— Axis todі will spokіyny, yak stink usі sіmeynimi become. I. to be holy to Me a z’їdutsya! .. Estimated Happiness! — Dreamily says the priest.

Of course, the skeptic will say that doctors could go wrong with a diagnosis of small Larissa. As in five other cases. Of course, children who have recovered from cerebral palsy, swimming in this pool in the family home, do not prove anything. And, of course, that faith in God and prayer, Father Longinus, the monks and nuns of his monastery, which the children called "moms" help everyone who is almost 20 years of helping them, had nothing to do with it. I will not argue. Then you do not argue that the father of Longinus, taking indiscriminately on feeding and education of children with a "bouquet" of disease — from cerebral palsy from birth to AIDS hepatitis — and even if you do not save them from death, prolonging their lives in the care and love, — a holy man. Agreed?

For 46 years Father Longinus suffered three heart attacks and two heart surgeries. Someone keeps it on our sinful earth … You would not happen to know — who?

In an interview with the pupils of Bishop Longin we asked them about how they understand happiness, love, about what in their lives is the lord

Stepan Rapscallion, 19 years:
— I consider myself the luckiest man on earth, because I live in a place where everyone is happy. Here, take care of me as a son, as a native person. And most importantly — is not only the bodily care of people like me, born with disabilities, but also spiritual. What place does the Bishop Longin in my heart? The main thing — he’s my dad. This is the best person who can support life, the most important thing to teach, you may open the way to a bright future. Children here are the patients become happy and beautiful. Because there’s a lot of love … I want the future to be like my dad, Bishop Longin, to help those in need.

Roma Talybov, 24 years old:
— The most important thing for me in this house — these are my brothers and sisters, as well as our dad. I — lucky man. Because I have God and the Mother of God, and I am always happy. I am glad that I can sing, make music himself. I am glad that I was given the name of St. Romanos the Melodist. I think it helps me too. I can not walk, but I can not sing, so I have the gift of God, and in the songs I can glorify Him. Because both birds are singing, and, as it is written — every breath praise the Lord. The boys participate in concerts, it happens that I’m singing in the choir. I did not expect that I can get here … This is the best place on earth.

Next to the monastery — a new rehabilitation housing for 100 people for boys with disabilities.

He moved to the foot of the monastery, to be closer to his temples, loving the brethren and to the cell of the abbot — Bishop Longin.

Babash Maria, 14 years old:
— Yes, I’m very happy. Because I met the father of Longinus, and he took me here and my three sisters — Angelina, anise and Illario. This pope gave us such names he dubbed us all. Longin Father loves us all, all the children who live here. He is very good — our dad … When we meet him, we are very pleased. He gives us gifts, goes with us on trips to the zoo, and as yet we all went together to the Holy Land, Jerusalem. It happens that my father is very tired, and then we try to hug him, tell him the good and gentle words, and then the sadness away from him … As we see it? On his face, the mood … I love to sing in the choir, learning to play the violin and piano. When I grow up I want to be a doctor or a nurse to help people be healthy and happy.

Elizabeth Bayurova, 13 years:
— I love all of you — all the sisters, our kindergarten teachers, their spouses, and most of all — our dad. Our dad is the kindest. Because he has a lot of children. A lot of children can only have good people like our dad. I really like going to church for worship, sing in the choir. I do not know who I will be. I want to be like our their spouses because they all look like the Virgin Mary. Beautiful and kind. We also have the sickest kids recover, because there are so many beauty: the church, the trees, the birds, and horses … And our dad, who prays for all of us … My dream — that all the children were happy, not sick. And that no one is hurt.


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