The priests of the Holy Trinity Church of Lipetsk started to implement a project to help suffering from alcoholism

Orthodox project to help suffering from alcoholism began to implement the priests Trinity Church, located in the village of "Free Falcon" Lipetsk.
As the curator of the project gorod48 — temple priest Father Alex (Kondratjuk), the program was launched with the help of one of the most active of the parishioners, a professional doctor-psychologist.

— To date, one of the premises of the church we had so far only the first three classes, mainly with close relatives who suffer from alcoholism. Talking with them is very important because of the dope addict people, including a young age, lives with these relatives. They are, first of all need to take advice as a professional psychologist and guidance of the priest to the house for a dependent family member of alcohol requirement. Later, we will, of course, we will begin to work directly with those who are in the embrace of "green dragon". First you need only to those people to voluntarily come to the temple. We will try to call in their souls interest and at least a minimum churching. If we achieve that, they will start to confession and communion, the next step would be to present them to God a vow not to drink alcohol for a while. At this stage the support of close relatives is also very important — said the father of Alex.

According to him, the program will help suffering from alcoholism as a whole is designed for 10 sessions, which are regularly held in the Holy Trinity Church on Saturday. In general, the project will act as the end of this year and all next year. It was then that the priests of the temple and will summarize the preliminary results and will answer the question — able to help an alcoholic Orthodox Church. Project proponents believe in a positive result.

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