The production capacity of 5 teraflops supercomputer will run at Sarov


Sarov Federal Nuclear Center (VNIIEF) plans to soon begin commercial production capacity of 5 teraflops supercomputer, told the first deputy director of the Institute of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (ITMF) VNIIEF Rashid Shagaliev.

VNIIEF is a leading national research center to create supercomputers. Currently, it employs supercomputer capacity of over 1 petaflops, to 2018-2020 data center plans to increase its supercomputing power to 1 exaflops. It is planned that in 2012 VNNIEF get on the development of supercomputer technology to nearly 1.6 billion.

Shagaliev said that the center is actively developed compact super-computers.
"We have created a machine with capacity of 3 teraflops, plan to soon enter the production and commissioning of the machine capacity of 5 teraflops," — he said.

According to the scientist, compact supercomputers have a backlog of orders, "there is strong demand."

Centre has already sold on the domestic market 50 teraflop supercomputer class that were delivered in a number of universities and companies.

Shagaliev also reported that in 2012, the supercomputer facilities VNIIEF plans to create the first virtual models of complex technical systems, such as virtual plane or a virtual nuclear power plants with VVER reactors.


February 24 — Reuters 

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