The program of basic research launched in Russia

The Coordinating Council of State Academies of Sciences (GAN) has decided to launch a new program of basic scientific research to improve the efficiency of Russian science, the effect of the program will run until 2020.

In coordination council, except the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academy of Agricultural entered, Medical Sciences, Russian Academy of Education, the Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, Russian Academy of Arts, transfers ITAR-TASS.

"The program combines all the fundamental scientific work produced in the state academies of sciences"

The main objectives of the program of basic research, a deepening of knowledge, more efficient use of the capacity of domestic science, increasing the role of science in the academic sector, scientific support of the development and security of Russia. It combines all the fundamental scientific work produced in the state academies of sciences.

Tuesday also discussed the results of the previous one such program, which operated in 2008-2012. "It is noted that the program is fully implemented, all the targets and everything that was planned, accomplished, — said the executive secretary of the Coordinating Council, Deputy Chief Scientific Secretary of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Ivanov. — It was a big job, which was attended by all the Academy. In the next five years, we will continue the positive things that have worked in previous years — both in basic research and in collaboration of research institutions and universities. "

Importantly, in the course of the program worked out a new system of governance in fundamental research in Russia, Ivanov said. This is the first such large-scale works, which can be further extended not only academia, but also in the organization of science in the country as a whole.

According to the scientist, "in the 1990s, was destroyed by a single research and education center, which led to the segmentation of science in the country," the separation of science from the university academic.

"During the implementation of the current program has been shown that the greatest results are achieved not in competition, as suggested by some theorists, and in the recovery of real integration mechanisms in domestic science — said Ivanov. — For example, the experience of the program showed that all the progressive universities cooperate with the academies of sciences and thereby provide good results in their studies. "

"As part of the coordinating council involved and universities, and industry research organizations, representatives of Rosatom, Russian Space Agency, Rossport. That is, we already provide those coordination function, in particular, by the Academy of Sciences ", — he stressed.

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