The program of modernization of the plant is made EksProf


EksProf company — one of the oldest and largest Russian manufacturer of PVC profiles for windows, doors and other glass constructions.
Aug. 3 on 20% increase in production capacity. Commissioning of four new high-performance extrusion lines without expanding production facilities require a significant amount of work for the redistribution of capital equipment, restructuring and modernization of the infrastructure of shops and accessories. In particular, they installed new, more efficient mixer for mixing towers and significantly increased cooling capacity of all four departments of the plant.

All work was carried out in stages in accordance with the approved schedule, without reducing the planned production volume. In the last stage in July put into operation of the cooling system of the second and the third case, as well as the third of four new production lines. The last of the newly extruder is also ready for launch. It ends with the final finishing tool. In the coming days it will start to work and the plant will reach its design capacity.

In 2011, the Company EksProf celebrated the 10th anniversary. Today, the plant EksProf — a large-scale industrial and warehouse complex, which includes four factory buildings, storage of raw materials and additives, storage silos and feed on the production of PVC resin, a platform for the storage and shipment of profiles and components, railway siding with loading ramps and surrounding area for new construction with a total area of 5 hectares. 28 extrusion lines produce about 45 tons of profiles in the year. These volumes are sold through dealers and regional warehouses in the 40 largest cities of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Every twelfth plastic window in Russia today is the brand of the profiles EXPROF.

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