The progress of reconstruction tunnel Tuapse — Adler and Mana (April 2013)

Experts Group "IC BRIDGE" continue to work on the reconstruction of the railway tunnel number 1 of the North-Caucasian railway, located on the stretch Shepsi — Waterfall area of Tuapse — Adler. Currently, in the tunnel of 270 meters is laying the permanent way on the new technology for the south Russian — on reinforced concrete frames.

By early April, the construction of the new Mana railway tunnel in the Krasnoyarsk Territory specialists of "Tunnel unit number 18" were more than 1,900 m of underground workings. Tunneling work will be completed this summer.

At the base of the tunnel builders laid flexible rubber (damper) mats, over which on the reinforced concrete base set small concrete frame, fitted with elastic rail fastening type (APC anchor rail fasteners).

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— This technology reduces vibration and dynamic loads resulting from the movement of the train, which will make the ride more comfortable — said project manager Alex Prits.

The tunnel number 1 site Tuapse — Adler North-Caucasian railway was built in the years before the Revolution, and for its centuries-old history of the repairs have never been subjected to. The state of tunnel lining is close to critical. The tunnel engineering construction as longer meet operational requirements.

Reconstruction of the tunnel started in November 2011 for one and a half years the builders not only re-execute a full tunneling device with permanent lining, but also built four retaining walls with total length of 400 m, and also remodeled the 2 bridges on the approaches to the tunnel.

— In driving the tunnel, we noted that at the beginning of the 20th century, well-respected technology. It was zaobdelochny drainage that drains water. That is, in those days thought how to operate the tunnel — said Albert Naletkin, head of the construction site, a representative of "US Yug" group company "IC BRIDGE".

Work on laying the track structure is scheduled to perform by the beginning of July this year, after which will complete the work on the device and contact network connection on the new section of track. The constant movement of trains on the updated tunnel will begin in November of this year.

At the same time building a new railway tunnel Manskogo in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. His excavation carried out at the same time the erection of precast concrete lining. By the 6th April 1924 passed m of underground workings. In the tunnel is being built drainage trays and career pass for staff. Driving of the new tunnel will be finished in June 2013.

Tonnelschikami completed excavation of eight sboek gallery with a new tunnel excavation sboek carried out by transport and drainage tunnels. At the moment we are working on cutting openings in the permanent tunnel lining and the construction of permanent lining sboek.

On the approaches to the new tunnel from the eastern portal of Art. Kravchenko built 5.8 km of railway lines.

Mansky new tunnel is being built in difficult geological conditions. The track tunnel at the tie a length of 120 lm passes mainly through the fractured rocks to rubble. The rest of the tunnel laid in rocky soil, having a coefficient of rock strength of f = 16 and f = 20 (maximum scale Protodjakonova).

On the basis of geological data obtained in the course of preparation for work, TPK Lovat-RME375SE was equipped with a rotor for rocky ground, that would create some difficulties in the initial stage of penetration. It was therefore of decision, to pass on the plot tie-culotte mining method using road headers.

In June 2012, after sinking 120 lm kalottnoy part of the tunnel, perform preparatory and construction works for the assembly of the complex tunnel boring machine, tunnel excavation was begun by TPK Lovat-RME375SE (cutting diameter 9,544 m). First, the shield was passed 120 lm shtrossovoy part of the tunnel to the future conduct of penetration to the total cross section.

The construction of transportation and drainage tunnel was carried out in the period from September 2007 to April 2010 the boards and drilling and blasting methods. Shield method using TBM Lovat RME-139 SE 21100 (the diameter of the cutting 3.56 m) was completed 2166.2 lm gallery, at the same time were working on the construction of precast concrete lining. Drilling and blasting with the erection of permanent lining of shotcrete was completed 300.74 mp underground workings. The total length of the tunnel is 2470.934 Stamp In the tunnel is equipped with a flat tray for the drive motor transport required for the maintenance of the main tunnel.

New Manskiy tunnel with total length of the project is 2464.868 seal, plans to introduce into operation in the I quarter of 2014.

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