The progress of work on the Kola NPP

In the Sverdlovsk region continues construction of power unit number 4 Kola NPP BN-800 reactor, criticality of which (the beginning of self-supporting controlled nuclear reaction) is scheduled at the end of 2013. Works are carried out at a given temperature.

At present, the main ones being the work on commissioning of the central control room, installation of equipment, as well as procedures for the physical launch of the reactor. Continuing acceptance of the coolant, from the factory made 23 containers with sodium totaling 460 cubic meters. meters. In the coming days, the builders will start mixing concrete roof of the main building of the reactor unit.

Energy power unit number 4 (the beginning of the production of electricity to the grid) is planned for 2014.

Beloyarsk nuclear power plant was put into operation in April 1964. This is the first nuclear power plant in the nuclear power industry of the country and the only one with reactors of different types at the same site. The first units Beloyarsk with thermal reactors AMB-100 and AMB-200 stopped in connection with development of the resource. Operates the unique power unit with a fast neutron reactor power level of industrial BN-600. In the construction stage unit with a fast neutron reactor BN-800. Fast-breeder reactors are designed to significantly increase the fuel base of nuclear energy and to minimize radioactive waste due to the closed nuclear fuel cycle.

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