The project is a tourist complex Altai Valley SEZ

"Altai Valley" — a tourist hotel complex, part of a special economic zone of tourist-recreational type in the Altai Republic. "Altai Valley" will be located in Maiminsky district in the Altai Republic, 25 km from the capital city of the region of Gorno-Altai.

The "Altai Valley" in the preliminary architectural solution is a set of three artificial lakes and artificial islands, each of which has its own set of objects and its destiny.

At this stage is building an artificial lake.

The special economic zone of tourist-recreational type "Altai Valley" was established in accordance with the Decree number 67 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated February 3, 2007 in the Republic of Altai. The territory of the SEZ is 856.83 hectares.

TYPES OF TOURISM IN TRZ "Altai Valley» • health and fitness • Ski • Environment • Water • extreme

DEVELOPMENT PLANS SEZ "Altai Valley" on the southern island of "Altai Valley" will be located multifunctional business and entertainment center with a total area of 35,000 square meters. meters from the convention center, a hall for cultural events, shopping and dining. On the central island "Altai Valley" will be located four-star hotel and apartments, as well as a sports complex for soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, swimming pool 50 meters from the stands and a playground for children. North Island accommodate apartments and bungalows, high-end, as well as a five-star hotel to the beach, boat station, an artificial swimming pool, a restaurant with an aquarium and a dedicated landscaped park.

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