The project on the highway lighting in the Belgorod region

JSC "IDGC of Center" has finished in the Belgorod region work on the outdoor lighting 49-kilometer stretch of highway "Korocha — Gubkin — Pot". The cost of the project amounted to 218 million rubles.


Road "in short — Gubkin — Pot" — The most important road linking the major commercial and industrial centers of the region, is part of a transport ‘corridor’ Tambov — Sharjah (Kostroma region) with access to the territory of Ukraine. The high-tech four-lane highway built with the increased passenger and cargo traffic: every day there are more than 10,000 cars. At the intersection with the road "Yakovlevo — Prokhorovka — Skorodnoye" built a two-level interchange. In places where the paths leading to the residential areas are set soundproof screen shields.

When construction of the road has high requirements to the level and quality of light that led to higher electrical power. Energy JSC "IDGC of Center" paved over 137 km of cable lines installed 14 package transformer substations with voltage of 0.4-10 kV. Power lines on poles along the road were installed more than 1300 modern energy-efficient lighting, 49 cabinets automated control outdoor lighting.

All work was carried out in the shortest possible time. This was possible due to the signed November 9, 2011 the concession agreement between the Government of the Belgorod region and JSC "Energy Service Company" (100%-owned subsidiary of JSC "IDGC of Center").

The first in the distribution grid complex of the concession agreement, which is realized in the framework of the Federal Law number 115 dated 21 July 2005 "On Concession Agreements", is an effective form of attracting investment, management of state property, especially socially significant objects, which applies to the highway "in short — Gubkin — Pot ". Under the agreement, power of "IDGC of Center" committed to further maintenance of the system of road lighting, increase the reliability and quality of power supply facility.


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