The project PGU-800 power plant is recognized as an innovative Kirishskaya

The project is the construction of CCGT-800 (combined cycle gas turbine capacity of 800 MW) power plant Kirishskaya received the status of innovation. The decision was taken at a joint meeting of the Scientific and Technical College Partnership "Scientific and Technical Council of UES" and the Scientific Council on the reliability and security of large power systems.

The main innovative and technological solutions used in the project PGU-800, were:

— implementation of the project on a "double-block" that is, the layout of the power of two gas turbines (GT) with heat recovery boilers (CS) and one steam turbine;

— the use of a fundamentally new thermal circuit for two gas turbines, CHP and existing steam turbine in the PSU.

An important component of innovation PSU is the rational preservation equipment, previously worked in the steam turbine unit, as well as the existing system of exploitation and station infrastructure, which significantly reduces the cost of creating innovative PSU.

"Power unit PGU-800 is similar in Russia does not exist. Many technical solutions are unique: their assessment and generalization of experience will further develop uniform requirements and standards for such plants. PGU-800 has already shown its effectiveness: in August the specific fuel consumption by Kirishskaya power plant was 265 g / kWh including PGU-800 — 233 g / kWh, whereas by 2012, the figure for KiGRES not fall below 300 g / kWh"- Said the chief engineer of JSC" OGK-2 "- Kirishskaya TPP Alexey Sobolev.

Commissioning of PGU-800 Kirishskaya TPP is the largest of generating equipment operating as a unit, for the last 30 years. Thus he became the most powerful steam and gas power in Russia.

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