The prolonged drought has a negative impact on agriculture in South China

August 7, 2013. From the middle of this year in most of the southern regions of China reigns prolonged heat, resulting in a number of provinces there was a drought, which began to have a serious negative impact on agriculture and home life of local residents.

According to the State Headquarters for Flood Control and Drought, as of August 5, the country's drought-affected farm land with a total area of 3 million 998 thousand hectares, 4.5 million people and nearly 1.8 million head of cattle lack of drinking water.

The most severe drought occurred in Hunan Province / China Central / where drought affected 107 counties and cities, nearly 1.5 million people and 860 thousand head of livestock faced shortages of drinking water, dry 913 thousand hectares of fields, rivers are completely dry 687 and streams.

In this province the drought led to terrible consequences: in the parish Hepinsi already dried 72 of 87 local reservoirs, dies rice crop area of 327 hectares, of which completely destroyed the harvest in the fields area of 146 hectares, at the same time completely destroyed crops on an area of melon fields more than 40 hectares and peanut planting area of 76.6 hectares.

According to preliminary data, in Zhejiang / China Eastern / drought affected crop plants with total area of 314 thousand hectares, of which 16.3 thousand hectares completely destroyed the harvest. Direct economic losses are estimated at 1 billion 530 million yuan / 1 U.S. dollar = 6.17 yuan /.

In this situation, the State Headquarters for Flood Control and Drought appealed to local governments and agencies with the requirement to take more effective measures to ensure the affected areas of drinking water, and all sorts of efforts to mitigate the effects of the disaster.

Source: China Radio International

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