The prototype locomotive «SinaraHybrid» demonstrated on LTZ

On Lyudinovo locomotive factory (part of "Sinara-Transport Machines", is a member of "OPZHT") took the prototype inspection process innovation shunting locomotive «SinaraHybrid».


The project is the first Russian locomotive with hybrid propulsion system developed scientific and engineering research unit of the holding-Sinara Transport Machines — "Center of Innovation Development STM" supported by the Innovation Fund "Skolkovo" and JSC "Russian Railways".
The design of the locomotive «SinaraHybrid» is modular production. Placed on the frame of the locomotive:
• diesel generator, cabin and sanitary household units,
• rendering of compressed air,
• compartment of clean air,
• unit converters and energy storage.
Specially designed cabin locomotive meets the highest standards for visibility, ergonomics and functionality to ensure comfortable working conditions of the locomotive. Controls hybrid, located on the operator’s console, designed to meet the physiological and psychological characteristics of a shunting locomotive crew-export variant of movement of the locomotive. This architecture allows the manufacturer to manufacture substantially reduce labor costs in serial assembly of the locomotive, and significantly reduce the time during the service.
Schematic diagram of the locomotive design provides for a lithium-iron-phosphate batteries and supercapacitors for storing electrical energy.
Locomotive has an asynchronous traction drive with vector control shaft torque motors, which are proprietary Innovation Development Centre CTM. Wheel-motor units are made with the use of motor-axial bearings Timken.
The locomotive used components which can significantly increase the time between repairs, and in some cases eliminate some types of repairs. By using highly components will ensure a high reliability of the locomotive, as well as significantly reduce the cost of the life cycle.
For example, in the construction of the locomotive used innovative high-wheeled new bandages NTMK production, pipelines locomotive air systems are made of stainless steel fittings are available without the use of welding, which ensures high reliability of the braking system and its maintainability. The system of compressed air provided by a highly efficient screw compressor, with reduced rates for noise and vibration.
The new locomotive «SinaraHybrid» in comparison with its counterpart on the power of the diesel generator model TEM9, 30% will be reduced diesel consumption, up to 55% reduced emissions of exhaust gases into the environment, which corresponds to modern environmental standards abroad.
For painting the locomotive was brought one of the world leaders in the field of coatings — the company Helios.
When you create a hybrid locomotive was sold more than 20 new technical solutions. Thus, the mining algorithms for the microprocessor locomotive control system developed by designers of innovative development of the Center STM. The innovative microprocessor control system and diagnostics hybrid locomotive that has functions for predicting the profile path using GLONASS can advance energy resources optimally plan in motion.
Work on the creation of a new locomotive is a consortium with the participation of leading Russian research and production companies, including NGOs, "SOUTH", NGO "Drive Technology", LLC "Ural Locomotives" and NGO "Automatic". The work on the development of the locomotive was also attended by foreign experts.
Having released a prototype locomotive, CTM will begin its commissioning and integrated tests. Making the installation data series locomotives is scheduled to begin in 2013.

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