The pyramid of Yonaguni



The pyramid of Yonaguni

08.12.03, the



One of the great mysteries of the ancient world presented in 1985 by the Japanese scientific community diver Kihakiro Aratake, stumbled on her during an underwater expedition near the island of Yonaguni Ryukyu Archipelago

"Yonaguni Monument" named her discovery explorer, an archaeologist at Boston University, Dr. Robert Skoch "Monument" has a pyramidal shape with a number of items on its south side, resembling a giant step height of the pyramid is 24 meters in length — more than 55 width — about 20 Her peak is separated by only five meters from the sea surface construction, resembling a tower cult of ancient Mesopotamia (ziggurat), built of sandstone blocks

Skoch believes that the megalith is a natural formation, "modified" unknown masons who, in particular, and cut down the steps on the south side of it, however, no one can be called artists of this work is found only that this building was plunged under the water for at least 8000 years ago ago It is, of course, is one of the oldest monumental structures in the world, erected long before the pyramids of Egypt













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