The quality of the innovation environment in Russia has improved

Over the past five years, the quality of the innovative environment in Russia has improved. This is stated in the study of GE «Global Innovation Barometer-2012", which was presented at the round table at the Higher School of Economics.

These studies, which surveyed 200 heads of Russian companies indicate that in our country the level of public support for innovation is high. A key role in the development of innovative government agencies play in partnership with big business and educational institutions.

The survey results also helped to identify the factors that, according to the Russian leaders would help their companies more successful introduction of modern technologies and developments. The most important factors include the quality of the training, the availability of government support, partnerships with educational institutions and research laboratories for product improvements, access to private investment in the long term.

"In today’s world, innovation is becoming increasingly important for competitiveness, national security and sustainable economic growth. In Russia today the formation of a favorable environment for innovation — one of the priority tasks, which has set itself the state and business. In the near future we will see the results, which will be expressed in the removal of barriers to the expansion of innovative activity, and the widespread introduction of advanced technologies ", — commented NGO experts RIC-Systems.

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