The radio station Voice of Russia

"Voice of Russia" is now broadcasting in 160 countries in 38 languages 151 hours daily for short and medium wavelengths, in the FM-band, via satellite, to a mobile telephone network. In 2003, the "Voice of Russia" as one of the largest international broadcasters began daily broadcasting to Europe in the digital standard Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM).

Program "Voice of Russia" in the United States relayed via satellite World Radio Network, on cable networks in the FM-band and mobile phone network in 16 states.

"Voice of Russia" has been working on the Internet in 33 languages. Go to website "Voice of Russia", which has more than 500 chapters, turning visitors from 140 countries. Users of the site broadcasts are available on-line, as well as audio, video and multimedia materials.

"Voice of Russia" is a the top five most listened international radio stations.

In the opinion of the cumulative foreign students from 80 countries and territories worldwide. "Voice of Russia" — a convenient and democratic channel for receiving information of interest to them about life in Russia. There is active audience update: 25% of all students involved in the audition program for the past 5 years.

The first broadcasts from Moscow were made at German October 29, 1929. In November of the same year, Moscow "conspiracy" in French, in December — in English. Only three years have aired BBC BBC after seven years — "Voice of America".

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