The raid on the ghosts




A few months ago in Novosibirsk was first formed branch of scientific and public association "Kosmopoisk." The head of the branch became a leading engineer of the "Sibirtelecom" Vadim Kudryavtsev *

"Kosmopoisk" — research association, exploring the little-studied and anomalous phenomena. Today, the International Association includes about 120 groups and individual members from 16 countries.

During 1980-2000,. members of the expedition four times witnessed the appearance of a close and UFO landing three-star, and in 2001 such cases were as many as five times, more than twenty times have seen a UFO from a distance, did some high quality photos and videos. 23 investigated UFO landing sites, a few acres of traces of man-made influences, a large amount of exposure of ball lightning on trees. On archaeological sites and places of UFO landing was found five different man-made origin of mysterious objects, the objects have been extensively studied in the leading academic institutions in the country.

Last year, in the Irkutsk region fell unique celestial body. Expedition "Kosmopoisk" the first left at the crash site. It was and the head of the Novosibirsk branch "Novosibirsk-Kosmopoisk" Vadim Kudryavtsev.

Media described the event as follows: Bodaybo residents of the city of Irkutsk region saw a drop of very large luminous body, like a huge rock. It crashed in the hills of the taiga, quite far from the city. People felt a powerful jolt, like an earthquake, and heard a loud roar. Above the fall of the celestial body from time to time there were flashes of light.

Recall that in the same taiga almost one hundred years ago, the famous Tunguska meteorite fell — at least, it used to be called so, although the nature of this phenomenon is still unclear. Then the tremors were felt also like underground, only much stronger.

— After a heavenly body fell to the earth, almost immediately the crash site was covered with snow, — says Vadim. — Find him in the forest, especially in winter, is almost impossible. We have outlined the search box and waited for spring. In May, when the snow began to melt, went to the crash site. The size of forest fall — nearly ten miles. Near the trees were scorched, but, unfortunately, the pit was empty. We found only a small piece of ice, which was sent for examination. Scientists have identified a substance in the ice of extraterrestrial origin. Suggested that it was an icy comet fragment of enormous size. For the year it melted. Three weeks ago in Moscow again something fell. While also outlined the search area, and within a few days in this place will be directed expedition "Kosmopoisk."

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During the May expedition started another. Two hundred kilometers from Novosibirsk has a quaint village Okunevo and no less strange road leading to it. Abnormal phenomena occurring in this area, no one really can not explain. According to legend, a settlement built on the former site of the temple.

— The aim of the expedition was the instrument check the myths and legends of the local anomalous zone, — says Vadim. — If you try to drive through Kystovk (the shortest path when moving from Novosibirsk) on a dirt "road" (or more precisely — the muddy swamp from the rain) between Sergeevka and Voskresenka car of our group "Novosibirsk-Kosmopoisk" capsized (fortunately without consequences). All of the incident was captured on videotape … When traveling on the road Muromtsevo-Bolshereche we struck a large number of squashed on the pavement animals (dogs, cats, hedgehogs, rats and a variety of birds), the average "density" crushed living creatures was about 5-15 corpses of 1 km. And the reaction seemed strange sitting on the road jackdaws and crows: when approaching them cars most of them took off in the direction of the impending threat (while on other roads usually fork out their cousins from traveling cars to the side, almost perpendicular to the road). Several birds at such careless and dangerous way to adequately take-off and touch our car, traveling at a speed of about 80 km / h (fortunately without serious consequences, and to birds, and to the windshield). We got to the deaf, practically dying village — Okunevo ("Okunevsky Ark"). The gates at some courts painted villagers unfamiliar alphabet and awarded various cabalistic signs. In the yards are constructed of wood "pyramid", as we have explained, to scare away the spirits that supposedly teeming with whole village. Also, they are building their space to fuel energy. In general, they themselves can not explain why they need them. The clean and modest huts there the neighbor Orthodox icons with spectacular views of the Roerich and reproductions of the saints of almost all religions.

However, members of the "Kosmopoisk" interested and quite incredible phenomenon.

Leshii, frights, water, avdoshki, shishiga and other creatures at all times excited the imagination of man. We can assume this is fiction, but for some, like, for example, from Novosibirsk Vadim Kudryavtsev and his associates, to identify ghosts and other unexplained phenomena — a matter of life.

The researchers of the paranormal called the cemetery "cities of the dead." It is about the inherent pogosti mysterious phenomena, in particular the appearance of ghosts, not only in existing cemeteries, but once existed on the site.

For centuries, in Russia there was a tradition not just separate the dead from the living, that is to bury them in the side of the housing, but also to respect the places of eternal rest. Our ancestors knew from experience that ruin graveyard can spell disaster for the living. And about the terrible consequences of the desecration of cemeteries talking about revenge as dead.

— Before, people did not have the slightest idea about the nature of the ghost, — says Vadim Kudryavtsev. — The point here is not in anger or revenge of the dead, as the emotions they do not exist. Many scientists, including psychologists, biologists and physicists believe that a person as a person has a physical body and the soul — energy-self. A man's life comes to an end with the collapse of a single set of "body — the soul", which is called death. Our biological body ceases to move independently, it stops the metabolic processes and, most importantly, is no longer being produced by the vital energy, without which it does not work out. With the use of ultra-sensitive devices today found that after death the soul leaves the body at once, but gradually over time. British researchers are placed on the graves of special receivers fixed energy bursts on the ninth and fortieth day after the death of the person. We noticed more. Once we were on duty at Zaeltsovsky cemetery. Over one of the "new" graves noticed a foggy image. And he does not fly off from the "host" and disappeared in just two days. See the ghost with the naked eye is very difficult. Our lens can not catch all the fluctuations. We enjoyed a night vision device.

In short, according to Kudryavtseva, the astral body leaves the physical body and retains information communication with the rest in the tomb of flesh. With the destruction of the physical and the astral body is destroyed. However, the connection of the soul with the remaining land in the ashes of her former master leads to the peculiar nature of materialization of energy in the form of a ghost. Moreover, catalysts or entities that send the call to the real world, are the souls of those who died prematurely as a result of an accident or violent death. The people they call "tax collectors" because they can not go to the underworld and forced to stay on the ground next to the living. In front of them and they appear in the form of ghosts. Vadim also hypothesizes that if the body is embalmed, the astral body can exist forever.

— In general, science is only suited to unraveling the mysteries of the "city of the dead" — he explains. — If humanity has managed to peek into the depths of the underworld, then we would cease to be human in the conventional sense of the word.

Today, the group "Novosibirsk-Kosmopoisk" preparing for new expeditions for our area. Kudryavtsev said that there is a real map of anomalous areas of the Novosibirsk region.

Legends and myths live their lives, have cropped up, gathering new details. They do not always believe, but carefully passed on from generation to generation. Maybe for the legends really worth the truth, the real essence of which confirm and staff "Kosmopoisk"?

"Evening Novosibirsk", Novosibirsk, n173

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