The rapid growth of venture capital investments in Russia

At the end of the interview, this Six years ago, the executive director of the Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) Albina Nikkonen noted: "… To say" the prime venture capital industry "will be in 5-6 years." As time passes, at the annual general meeting of the members RVCA, presented an overview of private equity and venture capital investments in 2012, which demonstrated a good momentum of development.

  • The Executive Director of the Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) Albina Nikkonen
  • The Executive Director of the Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) Albina Nikkonen

The rapid growth

"The amount of capitalization of accumulated funds operating in the Russian market … was about 26.4 billion dollars, which is almost a third higher than in 2011 (20.1 billion dollars)" — written in the review. That is the year it grew by 28%. The total amount of funds raised in the act on the Russian market, private equity and venture capital investments in 2012, RVCA is estimated at about 6.65 billion dollars.

One of the major changes in recent years — the emergence of a large number of small Russian venture capital fund, said the executive director of the RVCA Albino Nikkonen. "Venture capital funds exist for the development of innovative ideas, and we, as a service organization, all the players are trying to rally, to convey to the companies latest trends and culture, to investors — the aspirations of the regions", — explained the head of the association.

According to the CEO of RVC Igor Agamirzian, venture capital market "made a breakthrough", confirmed by international expert organizations: "Over the last two years came doubling of the total market. According to estimates Dow Jones, Russian venture capital market in 2012, came in fourth place in Europe, and in the last two years, is in first place in terms of growth. " Director of RVC sees an important role in bringing together key RVCA market participants and providing a high quality and professionalism of their work.

The laws of the market

In the field of activity of the organization and the legal issues are venture capital industry. As you know, last year, came into effect two laws — "On investment partnership"And"On Business Partnerships"Governing the operation of venture capital funds. Their decision was preceded by heated debates in development institutions and Parliament.
However, even a modest practice of their application (investtovarischestv hozpartnerstv and yet very little) to identify the bottlenecks and problems. After discussion at the I Yenisei Venture Fair, held in February as part of X Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, Key market players have decided to create for the preparation of amendments to both laws combined legal team on the platform RVCA.

Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) was founded in 1997 as a professional association of representatives of venture capital funds and private equity funds. The activity is aimed at RVCA attracting investment into the Russian market and to provide them with a favorable business environment. Major projects RVCA: venture fairs, training for a business venture, the publication of information and analytical materials


Venture capital investments (from the English. "venture, "Meaning"venture") Include the investment of money in promising innovative business that does not have access to the stock market.

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