The RD-93 has confirmed the high reliability

Russian RD-93 engines to Pakistan’s JF-17 fighter jets have demonstrated high reliability. In an interview with the weekly "Jane’s Defense Weekly," said the deputy director of the program.

JF-17 in Pakistan’s air force Khalid Mehmood (Khalid Mehmood).

As Khalid Mehmood said, "we have a plaque on the JF-17 fighter aircraft in the amount of 7,000 flight hours and did not have any problems with the RD-93."

Currently, the Pakistan Air Force are composed of 40 JF-17 fighter jets. Fighter JF-17 "Thunder" has a length of 14 m and a wingspan of 8.5 meters, is equipped with one engine RD-93. The payload of the aircraft is 3720 kg, a combat radius at the fighter version — 1,200 km maximum range — 3000 km, the maximum speed is the number of M = 1.6. JF-17 can be equipped with different types of guided missiles "air — air" and "air — ground" as well as bombs. The estimated cost of the JF-17 is between 8 and 13 million dollars.

Production of fighters as part of the JF-17 "Thunder", is in the ratio of 50:50 between the "Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation» (CAC, Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation) and "Pakistan aeronotikal complex» (PAC, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex) from March 2007 .

According to the contract signed by China and Russia, Moscow will supply Beijing 100 RD-93 engines with an extra supply of an additional 400 units.

According to the publication, although China is working to replace the power plant JF-17, but the command of Pakistan Air Force are encouraged by the fact that their partner program has strong links with Russian developers RD-93, which guarantees the supply China with enough engines to meet needs of production JF-17.

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