The rebels called on the West to occupy Libya

Libyan postavtsa not coping with the forces of Muammar Gaddafi, not off to the West went to the ground operation in their country. Start latest would violate UN Security Council resolutions, but the military believes that the document can effortlessly bypass and at least grab a favorite Jamahiriya.

Libyan rebels previously strongly opposed to the likely start of a foreign ground operation in its own country, it is now not reject such scenarios.

"In order to protect the civilian population to ensure non-hazardous corridors for the delivery of humanitarian assistance," — said the representative of the Libyan rebels. "If it needs to arrange ground forces that would protect non-hazardous corridors, then nothing wrong in it there" — said the representative of the government of the Transitional Council Abdel Hafiz Guga, as quoted by the ITAR-TASS.Snachala week it became clear that the EU has developed a plan the probable invasion of Libya for the "protection of humanitarian aid." Coupled with how stressed the spokesman of the highest representative of the EU for foreign affairs and security policy Catherine Ashton, Michael Mann, a plan will be in effect only if approved by the UN.

Observers have expressed concern that as a result of "peace" mission commando foreign occupation will turn this country. "More and more entangled in the Libyan situation, some Western countries are beginning to talk about the ability of ground operations, which, apparently, will be filed as the provision of humanitarian convoys in connection with the beginning of a humanitarian disaster in the country of Libya. But the humanitarian tragedy began as a result of the bombing on infrastructure, "- commented on a similar perspective Russia's permanent representative in NATO Dmitry Rogozin.Sami Western military recognize that if you want international coalition under NATO command has the ability to bypass the UN Security Council resolution banning the probable occupation of Libya.

"If indeed it is decided to follow, then, in my opinion, the wording can be beat. If the question about the troops who landed in Libya, Short-hold operation (at offset Gaddafi) In Tripoli and quickly leave, this is not the occupation forces, "- said in an interview with RIA" News "last commander of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), General Alain Pellegrini.

In general, it is recognized that in the case of occurrence of ground troops on terrain Jamahiriya and the operation to eliminate Gaddafi no one will be able to tell when a foreign army would be able to leave Libya. "Look at what is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere: when you walk into the country, you never know when you go. This fear and the coalition countries ", — said general.Voyna in the country meanwhile is gaining momentum. The victims of the latest bombing of Tripoli, the ongoing NATO forces began more than 11 civilian inhabitants. Sam Union recommended the residents of the town to stay away from military installations Gaddafi, recognizing that the shelling, they can not guarantee the safety of people.

In turn, mortar fire, an outdoor forces Gaddafi on Misrata, led to the deaths of several foreign people.

"The Foreign Ministry has received the sad message about the death of our compatriot, another injured as a result of the fighting. Not listening to our advice, Ukrainians have become hostages of the situation in individual cities, namely in Misurata, around which the security situation becomes life-threatening ", — said the director of information policy department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Voloshin.

In addition, on Wednesday evening as a result of the same attack killed two foreign journalists: 41-year-old Tim Hetherington, photographer and filmmaker, nominated for "Oscar" award for the documentary film "Restrepo," and his colleague Chris Hondros, who was one of the nominees Pulitzer Prize.

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