The reconstruction of physical therapy clinics Zelenogorsk

In the Siberian branch of the Clinical Center — Hospital number 42 Zelenogorsk city of Krasnoyarsk region — after the reconstruction and repair has opened a physiotherapy clinic.

Reconstruction of clinics held within the framework of the modernization program of health care. It was replaced in the department of hydrotherapy bath, fitted shower room, set the dry carbon dioxide baths. In the institution there were modern machines for light — and electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, and laser therapy, which will enhance the ability of physicians to treatment and rehabilitation and to implement new methods, such as inhalation physiotherapy, underwater spine traction, mud.

Now Zelenogorskaya physiotherapy clinic on the equipment and the range of services replaces the sanatorium, and zelenogortsy have the opportunity to take a spa treatment without leaving the city limits.

In addition, on the basis of outpatient clinics open to adults and department of medical rehabilitation for children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system.



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