The reconstruction of the 330 kV CHudovo in the Novgorod region

MES North-West completed the reconstruction of the 330 kV substation CHudovo (Novgorod region). Power facility, built half a century ago, in 1964, was completely renovated. Completed works will ensure the stable operation of the substation, which not only provides electricity to the city and CHudovo Chudovsky area with a population of over 24 million people, but also a transit hub between North-West Russia and the Centre. From its smooth operation depends on the reliability of communication between the two regions, which provides a 330 kV transmission line CHudovo — Kirishskaya TPP.


Reconstruction of power began in 2008. Now completed the renovation of the outdoor switchgear (ORU), 330 kV and 110 kV switchyard. Work was carried out to dismantle obsolete and installation of new equipment: disconnect switches, gas-insulated circuit breakers, current transformers and voltage. The new switchgear of 330 and 110 kV transmission lines are connected 13. Two auto-transformer with a capacity of 250 MVA each, have been installed at the new site outdoor switchgear. Installation was carried out on newly constructed concrete foundations. Were mounted bushings, radiators, devices, voltage regulation and control cabinets cooling.
Although the capacity of the substation as a result of the reconstruction has not increased, it is a new, modern equipment will increase the reliability of the object itself, the reliability of electricity supply to consumers Chudovsky District, Novgorod Oblast. This also creates an opportunity to connect new customers.

At the facility completed construction of a new substation control (GTC). In accordance with the individual designs were built two-storey building with a total area of 700 square meters. m It sets the DC boards and their own needs, battery, tools relay protection and automation, communication systems. To improve the accuracy of the transmitted energy accounting and settlement with consumers, as well as to control the equipment power facility in the income statement are set automated accounting systems of electricity (AMR) and the process control system (APCS).

The reconstruction was carried out in the framework of the Agreement on the implementation of measures to ensure a reliable power supply and create conditions for connection to electric networks of consumers in St. Petersburg.

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