The reconstruction of the gas turbine Shakhtinskaya in the Rostov region

Ltd. "Sitilayf Ross" in the I quarter of this year completed a project to reconstruct and expand Shakhtinskaya gas turbine power plant (Rostov region) worth 2.764 billion rubles.

This project is included in the list of "100 gubernatorial investment projects." The project will create more than 100 jobs.

In addition, in the I quarter of this year, "gubernatorial hundred" includes two of the investment. We are talking about the project on the organization of the production of high-strength polyolefin film threads, implemented by JSC "Kamenskvolokno" as well as the project for the construction of the greenhouse complex for growing vegetables on a plot of 60 hectares, the Company implemented "Aristocrat" in the territory of Aksai district.

Shakhtinskaya gas turbine, the oldest energy company Southern Russia, was commissioned as part of the electrification plan in 1929 as a coal power plant, and was intended to provide electricity to the North Caucasus economic region. Since 1974, it was reconstructed in the CHP in 1991 went to work on natural gas. Wear and tear of plant equipment at the end of the last century, ordained the need for its reconstruction. Technical parameters of the enterprise did not provide a stable heat hundred thousandth of the population and social facilities of Mines. During the years 2007-2012 the reconstruction of the station is equipped with steam-gas unit.

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