The reconstruction of the hydraulic structure at p. Sababash (Rep. of Tatarstan)

In the III quarter of 2012, according to the federal target program "Preservation and restoration of soil fertility of agricultural land and agricultural land as a national asset Russia for 2006-2010 and for the period up to 2013," the reconstruction of hydraulic structure in the settlement Sababash in the Sabine area of the Republic of Tatarstan.

As part of the implementation of the Programme for the reconstruction of hydraulic structure has been allocated 13.4 million.

Hydraulic structure of the pond, is located on the river. Kazkash (left tributary of the river. Mesha) in settlement Sababash was built Saby PLA forces "Reclamation" in 1974 on the project of the Institute "Tatgiprovodhoz." The node structures include earthen dam 273.3 meters long, 6.4 meters head, crest width 8.0 m, and the road B. Saba — Sabybash. The main purpose of the pond — the protection of land from water erosion (decrease erosion basis, the detention of sediment runoff).


The need for reconstruction of the building was due to the fact that earthen dam partially slipped and was washed out. Was completely destroyed by a well maneuvering valves. In the bottom of the channel formed a deep ravine to 6 pm, spring floods made the undermining of the bypass channel formed by subsidence and destruction of the output part. Up to 40% of the pond was silted up, the depth in the pond does not exceed 3-3.5 m

Delayed reconstruction could lead to a breakthrough pressure front of the dam during the period of high water, the destruction of the bridge on the road Category IV B.Saby — Forestry, flooding homes.

As a result of the reconstruction of the dam has been restored to the design level, the pond was cleared of silt held device the drain and spillway structures, carried out construction ledozaschitnogo facilities, a bypass channel was aligned with the design marks. To prevent the water horizon beyond the coastal levee was built, also bylivvedeny commissioned two access roads maintenance, a total length of 617 m

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