The reconstruction of the inter-farm system Zaytsevo

Inter-farm system "Zaytsevo" in the underlying economy to grow Kostroma breed of cattle "Homeland" is located in the district of Kostroma region Krasnoselskoye. The number of cattle on the farm consists of 1,050 individuals. The total area of agricultural land — 2700 ha.

The need for reconstruction of the inter-farm system was due to the fact that the drainage canals were partly destroyed and silted. Tubular crossings, wells, river, water discharge hopper, and technological roads were in poor condition.

On the reconstruction of the inter-farm system "Zaytsevo" from the federal budget was allocated 11.3 million. These funds allowed to recover 6123 pm drainage channels, to reconstruct the 3 and 9 to repair tubular crossings, restore 18 and 52 wells mouth. As part of the work performed was created 8 spillway funnels, 600 meters technological road. The reconstruction process of the road was carried out at 1283 m

Before reconstruction productivity of crops was — 14 kg / ha, perennial grasses — 15 kg / ha. After the reconstruction of the system of inter-farm planned productivity of crops is 24-25 kg / ha, perennial grasses — 35-40 kg / ha.

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