The reconstruction of the irrigation system in n.p.Almetevo resp.Tatarstan

In November, the acceptance of the commission the completed project "Reconstruction of hydraulic structures and irrigation systems bp Almetevo" Sarmanovskiy District, Republic of Tatarstan. Irrigated land was put into operation in 1974. The total land area of 250 hectares, of which 201 hectares of irrigated land.
The relief area has allowed the general and local inclination for crop irrigation by sprinkling.

The object reconstruction is located on the creek Almetevka, which is a left tributary. Kavziyachka (river basin Mesha). The need for reconstruction of the inter-farm system was due to the fact that during the operation of the irrigation system spirally pipe irrigation system with hydraulic valves have been ruined.
Hydraulic structures were worn out and did not ensure the normal operation of the system. Operation of the system was not economically profitable. Before the reconstruction crop yields in the irrigated area was — 11 kg / ha, perennial grasses — 14 kg / ha. In the framework of the federal target program "Preservation and restoration of soil fertility of agricultural land and agricultural land as a national asset Russia for 2006-2010 and for the period up to 2013" on the reconstruction of the irrigation system of the settlement Almetevo from the federal budget has been allocated funds in the amount of 20.3 million rubles. Reconstruction of irrigated land will increase the productivity of grain crops to 28-29 kg / ha, perennial grasses to 35-42 t / ha. On the irrigated area is also planned cultivation of vegetables — cabbage and potatoes.

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